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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

Him Indoors


Thursday 22 November 2018 - Saturday 24 November 2018

Want a trip somewhere a little different?

Come on down to Tittitutar town, where things are not quite's something you can't put your finger on but one journalist is determined to get to the bottom of the town's peculiarities. Hearing about a strange lady who claims she has a small man squatting in her stomach, he heads up North to meet her and the rest of the town’s inhabitants.

An absurd and ridiculous comedy with a splash of horror, set in a strange town populated with oddbods, misfits and nosy-parkers.

★★★★★ 'It is one of those shows that I would describe as a work of genius without being able to pin down exactly why.’
Lynne Parker, Funny Women on Sonja Doubleday’s previous show Tittitutar Town

Written by:
Sonja Doubleday
Sonja Doubleday, Nina Atesh and Tiberius Chis


by ella&co

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Avocado on toast. Cankle insecurity. Boomerang obsession.

It’s not easy being a millennial.

Journey through confessions of a millennial in the comedic and relevant #nofilter. A fast paced series of images, movement and dialogue ponder the curious and fantastical in millennial life. Bright, zesty and at times touchingly tender, #nofilter brings our performative online personas to the performative stage setting with just a small helping of kale.

Founded in 2017 by Ella Fleetwood, ella&co. creates work that is relevant, reflective and accessible to artsy and non-artsy folk alike. Ella’s work has recently been produced for the Nunhead Art Trail, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Southbank Centre.

“A bold and thoroughly engaging new work that pokes fun at the millennial generation and its self-obsessed culture…four likeable, quirky women made #nofilter lighthearted and enjoyable.”
Daisy Moorcroft, Resolution Review

“#nofilter by ella&co. is #fresh #humorous #cool, and a thoroughly entertaining end to the evening.”
Savannah Saunders, Resolution Review

Supported by Arts Council England, The Point, University of Chichester and Arts University Bournemouth

#nofilter promo from Ella Fleetwood on Vimeo.

Eva Escrich, Ella Fleetwood, Julia Jordan & Amy Morvell
Sound Designer:
Adrien Hollocou
Lighting Designer:
Marine Le Houezec

Supported by


Whisper Me Happy Ever After

Monday 19 November 2018

Who do you turn to when the story just won’t go the way you want it to?

Big brother Aaron’s great at making up adventures but Yasmin longs for happy ever afters like Mum used to tell... but Mum doesn’t have time anymore.

The play follows a family experiencing domestic abuse and explores the effects on the mental health of children who witness it. It is both humorous and disturbing.

The audience share lots of practical and emotional thinking about what they could do in a similar situation.
After the theatre piece, pupils interact with the characters and consider what they could have done to get the help they needed and deserved.

Subsequently, pupils can talk to our counsellor and team members to discuss personal issues raised by the play.

Face Front creates theatre that pioneers social change for an inclusive world. We use the transformational power of theatre to improve emotional well-being and address social injustice.
Face Front is led by disabled and non-disabled arts practitioners who make multi-layered theatre that is accessible to all.

"The varied groups of actors have always demonstrated high levels of performing excellence and an ability to engage with young audiences. This testifies to the rigorous training and support which Face Front invests in their actors and the dedication to the aims of inclusive theatre."
Audience review, Haringey Citizenship and Participation Manager

Written by:
Julie McNamara & Face Front Inclusive Theatre

Supported by


For Only An Hour

Friday 16 November 2018 - Saturday 17 November 2018

Join us For Only An Hour, a queer manifesto told through dance, song, spoken word and performance art. Danced to a hilarious medley of Angela Lansbury, Delia Smith and Bette Midler, this one man romp is a pseudo-glamouress jaunt through pop culture, queer art, childhood dreams and life changing surgery. It speaks of the urge to survive through many things, by leaning into humour, openness, hard truths and visibility.

It demands a punishing vulnerability of the performer and is supported by a haunting music offering by Donna McKevitt, glittering queer garments by Andrew Walker, artistic mentoring by Wendy Houston and a unique improvised lighting design by Jen Wren.

SARDOVILLE are a ‘repertoire-esque’ theatre company which roughly translates as ‘Hold on to your knickers, anything could happen’. The company have worked together for a decade and delight in bringing stories that are moving, entertaining and perplexing.

Recommended for ages 16+, or 14+ with parental consent

Created and performed by
Phil Sanger
Image Credit:
Brian Slater

Bright Raven!

and Friends
Presented by HOAX

Thursday 15 November 2018

Bright Raven! is here. to. stir. some. sh*****t up. She’s starting a cult(ish) revolution and she wants YOU to sign your soul up. Blending dark clown and electronic music, Bright Raven! is a rallying whoo-up for these turbulent times.

HOAX's Flavia Bertram (Bright Raven!) is joined by the priestess of performance poetry Michelle Madsen, the cleric of comedy Vanessa Hammick, and the illustrious illustrator Eloise Carles to raise funds for Mission LifeForce's Earth Protectors Fund. 25% of ticket sales will go to Mission LifeForce's Earth Protectors Fund.

HOAX is a company of theatre makers. They specialise in provocative contemporary work and concrete piping. They blend text, physical theatre and comedy to give voice to social and ecological issues. They are very serious and very silly.

Bright Raven! is a theatre rite, blending mime, clown and electronic music being created by Flavia Bertram and Stephen Sobal (All In), with support from Sarah Fraser, Lawrence Kendrick and Anna-Helena McLean.

About Mission LifeForce:
Mission LifeForce is a growing international movement of legal Earth Protectors - people who care about protecting the Earth and who are signatories to a legal document, the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document. Your ticket will contribute to:
- Funding a law establishing ECOCIDE as an international crime- putting an end to state-sanctioned industrial immunity and safeguarding our Earth for future generations
- Empowering small, climate-vulnerable states who have the incentive - and the ability - to amend international law in this way (but not the funds)
- If you are an activist, gaining an additional legal defence in a court of law as a conscientious protector.

Bright Raven! and Friends is presented as a scratch performance.

Flavia Bertram, Michelle Madsen, Vanessa Hammick and Eloise Carles
Stephen Sobal
Musical Director:
Anna-Helena McLean
Sound Design:
Lawrence Kendrick
Special thanks to
Sarah Fraser, Ayesha Tansey, Avninder Nanray

Supported by



Sunday 11 November 2018

Meet Agnes, Anne and Betty, a motley crew of munitions workers 'doing their bit' for the war. They make bombs.

Factory life seems perfect until an air raid sends them on an explosive journey through euphoric emancipation, forbidden friendships and anarchic dreams.

Canary was created in collaboration with the award winning Teatro En Vilo. Seamlessly combining high quality physical theatre with contemporary sound design, the show offers audiences a rare insight into life during the First World War from the unique perspective of Britain’s munitions workers, The Canary Girls.

Join Fun in the Oven Theatre as they celebrate and commemorate the lives of Britain’s unsung war heroes.

Fun in the Oven Theatre is a physical theatre company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Founded in 2015, they are fast becoming the North East's leading company for physical theatre through delivery of shows, workshops and events. The company’s distinctive style combines sharp physical theatre and contemporary sound design to create dynamic shows that capture our audiences’ hearts and minds.

Suitable for audiences 12+ with parental guidance (Canary contains mild references of a sexual nature and mild swearing)

"My favourite theatre experience of the year"
Matthew Crow, Independent on Sunday
"Three hugely versatile actors held us spellbound"
Julia Wright, Teesdale Mercury
"Hilarious, heartbreaking, brilliant"
Audience member at Northern Stage

Andrea Jimenez
Movement Director:
Noemi Fernandez
Andrea Jimenez & Noemi Fernandez
Sound Designer:
Roma Yagnik
Costume Designer:
Amy Jones at the Art Emporium & Sam Fisher
Historical Consultant:
Tracy Gillman
Photography & Design:
Chris Bishop
2018 Tour Producer:
Katie Tranter
Associate Producer & Consultant:
Carole Wears at Carole W Productions
Robyn Hambrook, Alys North & Katie Tranter

Supported by


Guncotton Creep & Mooncalf


Friday 9 November 2018

An Evening of New Writing!

Guncotton Creep

And that's where the film should end. Cut to black. Credits role. Except it doesn't. It doesn't end

Mark likes films. But where does fantasy end and reality begin? A darkly funny exploration of obsession, relationships and Lord of the Rings.

A monologue written and performed by Rowland Stirling


A monologue written and performed by Nell Barlow

(noun ARCHAIC)
mooncalf; plural noun: mooncalves
a foolish person.
a daydreamer.
a monstrous birth.

“Every nigh it’s the same. I don’t have any fingers”.

It’s after school hours and Moonie is hungry.

Moonie’s tummy aches and Mum isn’t there to fix it.

With a blend of magic, imagination and sheer determination can Moonie make sense of things?


There has possibly been an incident

By KIFLI Theatre
As Part of Elephantology Festival

Wednesday 7 November 2018
Julia Levai
Georgie Hook
Maisie Pearson

Tell us what to do with our heroes because we don’t know what happens next

A plane crash. A protest. A terrorist attack. Three actors. Four voices. One theme.

How do humans react to crisis? Do we step forward and confront terror or do we remain silent? What does it mean to be a hero in 2018?

Evie Jones, Christian Loveless and Sophie Shepherd

Bost-Uni Plues

By Ugly Bucket Theatre
As Part of Elephantology Festival

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Everyone says that university is the best three years of your life! So what happens next? What happens when you still have questions, but everyone expects you to have all the answers?

Based on the true experiences and stories told by graduates, join three clowns as they leave the comfort of timetables, deadlines, and student life behind and enter the real world. A world full of expectation, proper jobs, and council tax.

Bost-Uni Plues is an explosion of energy, honesty, dance, movement, techno, and plain silliness that explores life after graduation. Because when you’re told that the best three years of your life are behind you, what else is left other than post-uni blues?


Stars Above

by Hippocampus Theatre
As Part of Elephantology Festival

Thursday 1 November 2018

Lunas is a Nightling. He lives in the land of Night, catching dreams and scattering stars. The Chief of the Night tells stories about the dangerous Dayrays, but Lunas can't help wondering what really lies in the land of Day. When Lunas meets Sonny, a lively Dayray, they hatch a secret plan to bring everyone together!

Stars Above is a fast-paced dance-drama using live music, dance, and puppetry. It is a show about family, acceptance, celebrating differences, and the coming together of communities.

The show is aimed at families and adults alike. The run time is 45 minutes with no interval. Tickets are free and can be booked here


We Found It With Each Other

by Ruy Zambrano
As Part of Elephantology Festival

Tuesday 30 October 2018
Ruy Zambrano

When was the last time you felt physically vulnerable?

We Found It With Each Other is a dance work that explores ideas of community, playfulness and vulnerability. While being shrouded and accented by stunning projections, the dancers create a new world as they bounce and roll.

Come along for the joy and stay for the big-moves-dance-dance!


The Witch of Elephant Park


Friday 26 October 2018

Elephant Park has its own witch and she is very excited that it is nearly Halloween. It's time to get all her spells in order so she can work her magic. She just needs a little help finding the right ingredients....

Trick or treat with the witch, her cat and a whole host of creepy crawlies as part of Elephant Park's Halloween programme.

Blue Elephant Theatre brings a touch of spookiness and silliness to Elephant Park with this interactive family performance, suitable for ages 3+.

Please note that this performance is outside in Elephant Park. Some cover may be provided to protect against wet weather. Children (and their adults!) will be asked to join in throughout the performance to keep them moving and active as much as possible. Tickets are free but should be reserved in advance to guarantee places. Tickets can be reserved here


Alice: The Lost Chapter

by Jolene English Dance Theatre
Commissioned by Dance City

Tuesday 23 October 2018 - Wednesday 24 October 2018

Delving into the obscure mind of Lewis Carroll, this intricate and engaging dance, film and theatre performance takes the onlooker through the subconscious mind of Alice.

Who lives within her imagination: fact or fiction?

Meanwhile, The Queen reviles in Narcissism, The Hatter is engulfed with Madness shackled to Time, the White Rabbit’s anxiety is fueling agitation and The Cheshire Cat’s distorted reality offers insight to those watching on the outside.

Alice: The Lost Chapter is a dark and twisted exploration into the psychological fabric of the classic, Alice in Wonderland.

“The concept of this work is truly brilliant” Anthony Baker, Artistic Director at Dance City

Recommended for ages 14+ (or with parental supervision)

Supported by


All Aboard with Mr Windrush!


Saturday 20 October 2018

All Aboard! Join Sam Beaver King (one of the original passengers of the Empire Windrush who later went on to found the Notting Hill Carnival and also became the first Black Mayor of Southwark) on his journey.

Children and adults alike will be encouraged to make the boat, sounds and songs of the sea and act as crew members for the Empire Windrush. As the journey continues, traditional Afro/Caribbean and West Indian stories will be told, using drama, music and dance.

We will be telling this amazing tale at two brilliant Southwark locations:

Artworks Elephant, The Trunk (SE17 1AY) on Friday 12th October at 16.30 and 18.30 - book tickets here.

John Harvard Library (SE1 1JA) on Saturday 20th October at 11.00 and 14.00 - book tickets here.

All tickets are FREE but we recommend booking in advance as these performances are likely to fill up quickly.

Supported by


My Brother's Drug


Thursday 18 October 2018
Written and Directed by
Rachel Mervis
Performed by
Elysia Wilson

My mum called me the other day to let me know that they had found my little brother under a bridge....With each new high, I'm starting to think that my little bro must be running out of new lows to hit…

A hard-hitting, emotional exploration of the effects of addiction on the family, My Brother's Drug is a one woman show fusing physical theatre, rhythms and spoken word. Told from the point of view of an addict's sister, it tells the story of a cycle of stolen possessions, 999 calls and disappearances.

My Brother's Drug is produced by GreenWheel Theatre in association with HiddenViewz and presented as a work in progress performance. GreenWheel Theatre specializes in fusion theatre, combining spoken word, movement and political themes. My Brother's Drug is its first play, and it has been performed at the Edinburgh and Isle of Wight fringe festivals. HiddenViewz is a BAME lead production company, which explores political and social issues through theatre and film. They explore harsh realities that are often overlooked in society in an imaginative way through physical, immersive and satirical theatre.

"This show is a must see. Through the art of spoken word, dance and performance, you’re drawn into the life of a concerned sister." Ventnor Town, Fringe Review by Caty Macaulay

"It shows a lot of understanding about the nightmare world of drug addiction, and the emotions felt by the sister come across well." Edinburgh Fringe, Chris Neville-Smith’s Blog on Theatre