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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

How to Cope with Embarrassment

Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Saturday 18 November 2017

The Two Pale Ladies, and their new pale mate present How to Cope with Embarrassment, an irreverent showcase of what makes us tick, blush, cringe and silently scream.

We want to explore what it is to be embarrassed and how it happens, so that maybe we can find a way of coping with it.

So that we can reduce the number of times a day we wish that the ground would open up and lose us within its burning furnace.

So that we may sleep better, with a clearer conscience.

So that we may be less embarrassed.

How to Cope with Embarrassment is part forum theatre, live art, cabaret, wanna-be comedy and a little bit of karaoke. Deliberately adopting a disloyal frame, it stomps between genres and styles as a reaction to the fickle and capricious nature of Embarrassment, with a focus on failure and error.

Please note that Southwark Council is repairing footpaths outside our building and parking may be restricted during this run


"some exquisitely awkward moments here, real masterpieces of comic timing and endurance."

Euston Street Diaries



Friday 10 November 2017

Join Shakespeare's Men as they fly through the Bard's Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and Twelfth Night in a whirlwind hour of mischievous storytelling. With tons of audience interaction, more than a dash of mayhem and a star turn from one lucky adult (shhh don't tell!), Shakespearience is the perfect treat for all the family.

★★★★★ "Utterly hilarious... a wildly successful all-family show" - The Stage

★★★★ "They keep the children rapt and transported whilst giving them a great early start to the Bard" - The List

Please note that this performance will be filmed for promotional purposes.

Limited tickets remaining - please contact the box office on 020 7701 0100 for more information or to be added to the waiting list.


The Conversation


Wednesday 8 November 2017

The Conversation is a performance which explores the topic of consent. Lauren considers the language of consent and how we talk about it, or, how we do not talk about it.

Don’t worry, she’s not looking to shock you and she’s definitely not angry at you. She just wants to impress you.

Lauren attempts to create a safe space where you feel relaxed and invited to enjoy yourself with the help of her hosting. All of this is for you, and she won’t let you forget it. She’s pulling out all the stops on this special night. She’s setting herself high expectations, and she may fail to meet them. You may feel the urge to leave, and you are welcome to, whenever you want.

But oh baby, please don’t go, she just wants you to stay.

Age restriction 15+


★★★★ “Burch is a charming personality and more than capable of enrapturing an audience for an hour”

The Spy in the Stalls

Created by
Lauren Aimee Burch

The Dance Hall


Wednesday 1 November 2017 - Thursday 2 November 2017

An intimate story about an Irish family living in England, The Dance Hall touches on themes of immigration, loss, loneliness, family and, most importantly, (in)dependence.

After Annie dies far too young, Jimmy struggles with getting older, particularly with losing his independence. His family ‘tries to visit’ when their lives allow and we delve into Jimmy’s relationships with his daughter and granddaughter, tracking their attempts to support him as best they can. We learn about Jimmy's journey from Ireland, how he met his beloved Annie in the dance hall, and the loneliness of his life without her.

Thursday's performance is now sold out. Please call to be added to the waiting list


"a beautiful story that many can relate to”

The Spy in the Stalls

Eve Niker

Little Elephant Creepy Cook & Spooky Stories


Tuesday 31 October 2017

Join Blue Elephant Theatre for some spooky, but friendly, interactive storytelling at the newly opened Elephant Park! Inspired by Halloween and aimed especially at early years, the Blue Elephant storytellers have a treat in store for local families!

Spooky storytelling at 2pm and 4pm.

Tickets are FREE - booking is advised but not essential. Book your tickets here.

Find out more about Elephant Park.

Please note these performances are in Elephant Park only, and NOT at Blue Elephant Theatre.


The Actualisation Show

by Ephemeral Ensemble

Thursday 26 October 2017 - Saturday 28 October 2017

Professional Optimists Harley & Pedro bring you The Actualisation Show.

We’ll forget you your troubles and believe in your dreams! Offered now at bargain prices - special rates negotiable!
Our practical demonstration begins at 8pm sharp. Meaning of life absolutely guaranteed or your money back. We’re optimistic that you won't be disappointed!

Ephemeral Ensemble is an international physical theatre company. Combining the skilled physicality of the performers, playful stage craft and vibrant music, Ephemeral Ensemble strives to create original, sincere and ambitious work that is inspired by human stories. The Actualisation Show is their first fully realised production, created following interviews with those affected by suicide.


★★★★★ “Unmissable!... The highs were atmospheric, the lows lay heavy in the pit of your stomach."

Everything Theatre

Eygló Belafonte & Ramon Ayres
Set, Prop & Costume:
Rob Evison
Music, Sound & Lyrics:
Alex Paton
Collaborators for research:
Professor David Mosse, PAPYRUS & L.A.S.
Ramon Ayres & Rob Evison

Supported by

  • Arts Council England
  • Papyrus
  • Haringey
  • Life After Suicide

The Man, The Myths, The Legends

Thursday 19 October 2017 - Friday 20 October 2017

Following the successes of Female Intuition and Tit for Tat, Original Impact returns to the Blue Elephant to showcase more works of new writing, this time from a male perspective.

A night of new work from men, tackling the myths, bringing you the legends.

“Original Impact proves what is possible with a strong cast and some directorial creativity” Culturised on Original Impact’s Twelfth Night

The Rat King

Written by Bram Davidovich
Directed by Sean Hollands

Rat King tells the story of Kelly and Jacko, two young people whose worlds collide on the streets of East London. While Kelly is preparing to leave her comfortable life in the suburbs, Jacko is living the rough life of a homeless young man. When Kelly gets into trouble and is rescued by Jacko, their relationship takes on a life of its own.


Written by Mark Jones
Directed by Stephen Bailey

Eating human flesh is legal. (Technically.)
So, when Duncan and Jodie Gibson are told that they were served it at a dinner hosted by their - it turns out - serial killer neighbour, despite feeling like the victims of a crime, they're certainly not treated as such.
The Press brand them ‘the cannibal family'. While Amber, their teenage daughter, has decided to fully embrace their new flesh-eating image - despite not having had any of the meal herself.

Life for the Gibsons can only get stranger, as their unpalatable supper continues to gnaw away at the family.

Cubicle Confessions

Written by Darrel Draper
Directed by Dan Burman

Samarge works in a nightclub as a toilet attendant, often overlooked, ill-treated and disregarded by society. He is unfulfilled and living in the shadow of his father, a once beloved Priest who many worshipped. However, one evening when a highly intoxicated man opens up to Samarge about thoughts of suicide, he finds himself in an unfamiliar position, no longer being invisible, and having the power to be able to influence and effect this drunken man’s future. Or fate, as it would be. But can a once powerless, uninfluential man, carry the responsibility and weight of such a heavy confession?

The Rental

Written by Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by Joshua Jewkes

In The Rental, Sonya receives an extraordinary birthday present -- a rented boyfriend. He's the perfect man for her -- but he's only there for a day.

Croydon Ho Yo Yo Yo

Written by David Zaman
Directed by Kris Witham

My name’s Lizzi, a character in the play, and this version of events,
CROYDON HO, YO YO YO, weaves a torrid tale of sisterly deceit, a will to power, and what happens when messed up Esta and me screwed with the wrong President in the wrong time, wrong place. Which, boys ‘n’ girls, is to say it’s about sex, death: um-huh, sex ‘n’ death, babes, just how the Yankee Doodles like it. Me ‘n’ my sis’, sunny side up, raining down like bullets over bull. And poor Tommy, the President’s fixer – he came, he saw, he conked out.

The Red Telephone

Written by Alasdair Melrose
Directed by Dinos Psychogios

"A man sits alone at a table. A telephone sits in front of him. This is an antique red rotary telephone made by Siemens, engraved with an eagle, a swastika, and a name..."


A Thousand Pieces

presented with Unscripted Theatre Company

Saturday 14 October 2017

Unscripted Theatre Company and Blue Elephant Theatre present a night showcasing London’s emerging actors and musicians.

From monologues to melodies, watch up-and-coming acts share bitesize performances…with the option to take to the stage yourself in the Open Mic section.

Unscripted Theatre Company are a new company who aim to support performers to take the next step in their careers, whether it be auditioning for drama school or jumping into professional work for the first time.

Join us on October 14th to discover the talent of tomorrow taking that next step.

Tickets are FREE (although donations on the door are greatly appreciated), but should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be booked here.


Blue Cloud Scratch

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Blue Cloud Scratch is an exciting new dance scratch night, showcasing works in progress from a diverse range of choreographers, and is curated by Blue Elephant Theatre and Cloud Dance Festival. Blue Cloud Scratch aims to encourage and provide emerging dance artists with opportunities to present their works in progress and receive feedback from audiences and peers.

For more about the Blue Cloud Scratch and Cloud Dance Festival, click here.

Ruby Embley & Yanaëlle Thiran - Et si Cécile …

Et si Cécile … imagines Chaminade’s early days as a composer, with a playful take on her struggle to establish herself in this male-dominated field. The duet draws from our experiences of creative processes and gender politics and explores two sides of the 19th Century woman’s personality – powerless but passionate, determined to pursue an artistic career, regardless of societal expectations.

Ruby Embley and Yanaëlle Thiran are London-based freelance dance artists who have been working together since 2014. They graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2015 and subsequently took a one-year choreography course at Siobhan Davies Dance. Yanaëlle joined MoveMe Dance in March 2017. Since June, MoveMe and Elizabeth House have been supporting them in the creation of this new duet.

Supported by Bert Roman/MoveMe Dance and Elizabeth House Community Centre.

Dancers: Ruby Embley & Yanaëlle Thiran

Kuan-Yu Chen & Marie Chabert - The Clapping Piece

The piece invites the audience to be aware of the impact of their presence in the theatrical context.
A funny and light dance theatre duet challenges the roles ‘performers/observers’ in an unusual way.
Questioning who is being watched and who's giving inspiration? Can the performance exist without the audience and vice versa?

Kuan-Yu Chen (Taiwan) and Marie Chabert (France) are independent dance artists with international collaborating experiences who recently started sharing artistic ideas together.
They are interested in audience interaction and reaction, improvisation score, site-specific, challenging conventions and provoking some laughter.

Performers: Kuan-Yu Chen and Marie Chabert
Image Credit: Ollie Smallwood

Natalia Iwaniec - Birdland

Stabilization and the lack of stabilization. My life to a certain degree became nomadic. It is hard for me to stay in one place and difficult for me to settle. I am constantly looking for something: for home, for love, for work, for friends, for dance, for freedom. Life is a journey and you get to decide how you will travel. You can travel alone or with others, you can travel to find answers, to find home or to escape home. I am constantly searching for my promised land.

Natalia Iwaniec was born in Poland and is now a freelance dancer and teacher. She finished her Master’s in Theatre in Cracov and completed her degree in Dance at the Dance College in Wrocław in Poland. As a dancer she has collaborated with such choreographers as Yasmeen Godder, Iwona Olszowska, Ella Ben-Aharon, Rhiannon Faith and others. Natalia became a qualified teacher of Gaga in August 2012. Since then she has travelled all over Europe and Israel to teach Gaga. She also choreographs, recently creating the piece The Link for dance students in STW in Poznan, Poland and FORMal in residency in Scenario Pubblico in Sicily. Natalia is a co-founder and member of NaNa Collective, based in London. Natalia premiered her solo work Birdland in July during Budapest’s International Dance Week.

Briar Adams/Hack Ballet - Grace

Grace is part of a new work by Hack Ballet, choreographed by Briar Adams.

Dancers: Briar Adams, Marie Seehy & Mikulas Urbanek


They Live Next Door

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Set in a home, on a street not too far from your own, They Live Next Door explores the light and the dark of a relationship between two men. Against a background of domestic rituals, the multiple relationships between them unfold, weaving memories, struggles and dreams.

They Live Next Door is a touching, tender and gritty show, intertwining theatre with intricate choreography and nostalgic melodies as it explores preconceptions around masculinity and communication.

Ieva (pronounced: Yeah-va) Kuniskis is a Lithuanian choreographer based in London. She combines dance and theatre to share stories about everyday life, creating an unique movement language and distinct authentic characters. Ieva interweaves universally relevant themes with affecting, personal stories, inviting audiences to relate to them and follow their own emotional journey in parallel to that of the characters.

They Live Next Door is now sold out. If you would like to see it, please contact us on 02077010100 to be put on the waiting list.

Commissioned by Swindon Dance

Supported by Pavilion Dance South West, The Point, Bradford Theatre In The Mill, Laban Theatre, The Mill Arts Centre Banbury

Funded by Arts Council England using public funding through the National Lottery.

They Live Next Door. Choreographer ieva Kuniskis. Trailer 2 NQ from Ieva Kuniskis on Vimeo.


★★★★ "Kuniskis has a fine-tuned directorial skill, maintaining an arresting momentum across these brief vignettes, without any loss of her audience’s palpable fascination."


Ieva Kuniskis
Dougie Evans
Costume Designer
Ryan Dawson Laight
Lighting Designer
Barnaby Booth
Lou Cope
Sarah Shead / Spin Arts
Research Producer
Jih-Wen Yeh / StepOutArts
Mark Boldin and Nicholas Minns

Supported by

  • Arts Council England and other sponsors part a
  • Arts Council England and other sponsors part b
  • Arts Council England and other sponsors part c
  • Arts Council England and other sponsors part d

Storytelling at Elephant Park


Thursday 24 August 2017 - Wednesday 20 September 2017

Join Blue Elephant Theatre for interactive storytelling at the newly opened Elephant Park! Inspired by nature and aimed especially at early years, the Blue Elephant storytellers have a treat in store for local families!

Tickets are FREE - booking is advised but not essential. Book your tickets here

Find out more about Elephant Park.

Performance dates and times:
Wednesday 20th September at 10.00

Please note these performances are in Elephant Park only, and NOT at Blue Elephant Theatre.


Here Comes Trouble

Thursday 27 July 2017

Through a series of robust episodes drawing on social and cultural influences from Yorkshire, Ireland and Jamaica, Keira rhythmically weaves together traditional music, authentic song and gutsy dance.

Best described as Irish dance deep in thought, she shares hard hitting and heart-warming chapters of her life to courageously address stereotypes and challenge labels. Witness her build bridges and burn them again, each time revealing a deeper layer of herself and her heritage.

This feisty yet vulnerable performance is entertaining and demonstrates the power and elegance of women in a very real and honest way.


★★★★½ “Here Comes Trouble should be at top of your list of things to see.”

The Reviews Hub

★★★★ “Overall, an exciting and personal performance with expressive movement that showed her struggle as well as accomplishments.”

Female Arts

Keira Martin
Charlotte Vincent
Jamie Roberts
Costume and Set Design:
Ryan Laight
Photography by:
Joe Armitage Bone Shaker Photography
Lighting Design:
Huw Williams
Sarah Shead Spin-Arts Management

Supported by

  • Arts Council England
  • Spin-Arts

Blue Cloud Scratch

Friday 21 July 2017

Blue Cloud Scratch is an exciting new dance scratch night, showcasing works in progress from a diverse range of choreographers, and is curated by Blue Elephant Theatre and Cloud Dance Festival. Blue Cloud Scratch aims to encourage and provide emerging dance artists with opportunities to present their works in progress and receive feedback from audiences and peers.

For more about the Blue Cloud Scratch and Cloud Dance Festival, click here.

Inconnu (Unknown)

Choreographer- David Murley
Dancer - Briar Adams
Photography - Jane Hobson

In its Research and Development phase, Inconnu (Unknown) embarks on the journey of an individual’s mental breakdown. Often, the task of getting out of bed can be a triumph. The piece toys with the struggle of mental collapse and the ongoing thread of a deep-rooted sense of internal self-preservation and survival.

Former dancer of The Royal Opera, English National Opera, Grange Park Opera, The Dallas Opera and Glyndebourne Festival, and Touring Operas. David also worked in film, children’s theatre and was Artistic Director Of his own dance company, MurleyDance, for four years. He has also previously choreographed for London Studio Centre.

Bridie Gane - One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder is a solo show that delves into the history of women in entertainment. Bridie intends to channel the lives and personas of unconventional women that entertained the masses, reflecting on current views of females on and off stage. One Hit Wonder, which has already been shared as a draft at Dance Base's Spring Showcase and Buzzcut (2017), will be a nostalgic, riotous and retro-subversive solo that celebrates that unique wonder of women who perform.

Bridie Gane is a British choreographer and performer, creating independent solo and group work of a unique, retro theatricality. After training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Bridie moved to Berlin to pursue her interest in choreography. Her first solo choreography, BIM BAM BUM (2013) won several awards including the Audience Prize and the title of the Best German Dance Solo at the Euro Scene Leipzig Competition. Bridie recently moved to Glasgow, where she is now based.

Konstantina Skalionta - Land(e)scape

Choreography/ Performance: Konstantina Skalionta

‘How long we have to go I am not sure...what I am sure is...that we need to keep on walking..’ A journey through accumulated memories and emotions unlocked through the act of walking.

Konstantina Skalionta has been making performances in an attempt to explore the human condition. She has collaborated with various fine artists such as Laura Elias and Bea Bonafini in bringing visual arts and dance together.Her work has been presented in various festivals in UK and Cyprus, amongst them Resolution 2016,2015,2014, Fiver Fridays (Chisenhale Dance Space), Women of Mass Destructon 2 (Rich Mix), 15th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform (Rialto).

Thank you to Alice Laidler (dancer) who was part of the creative process for the duet version of this performance

Shivaangee Agrawal - This Junction

Mentoring by Choreographers Mayuri Boonham and Yachao Zhu.
Music by Ben Pearson.

I encountered life on those streets as an outsider. As I walked, I was sensitive to both the overwhelming visceral experience and the theft of my personal agency. I began to yield to the streets, and they unfolded for me. It became more difficult to distinguish the ugly from the beautiful, my reality from theirs. This is about fighting for space and finding my place amongst the native inhabitants of this urban chaos.

Shivaangee Agrawal is a Bharatanatyam dancer by training, currently studying contemporary technique, choreography and choreology at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Drawing on various artistic experiences from Tokyo to Bangalore, she aspires to exploit the nascent potential of Bharatanatyam to be a contemporary movement practice.

Lucidez Dance - Grief

Choreography, performance and costume: Lucia Schweigert
Music: Richard Wagner

Grief is a natural response to the death of a loved one or a loved life. It is a human ritual and this work is a dance about how it’s necessary and helpful to grieve when you have to deal with a seemingly unbearable situation.

Lucia Schweigert is a German-Chilean dance artist intrigued by female, cultural and national identity. She works as a dancer and choreographer and she is the co-founder of Kaleidoscopic Arts. Her work has been presented at Chisenhale Dance, Cityscapes, Dance Film Festival UK and CrisisArt Festival among others.

Tora Hed - Between Horses

Choreography/ Performance: Tora Hed

Between Horses is an ongoing solo project that Tora started in 2016. The work explores the physical memory that’s left after an action. In this piece Tora has been acknowledging what happens to the space where repetitions and echoings accrue.

Tora Hed is an independent choreographer and dancer, based in Leeds. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2015 and received the Carolyn Woolridge Outstanding Performance Award. Tora was successfully chosen to take part in Exit Visa 2016 at The Place. Over the past two years Tora has made works from solo to extended pieces and collaborated with other dance, music and film makers.

Kane John Mills - Remnants (a Triple Bill)

Choreography/ Performance: Kane John Mills

The individual works’ titles are The Mask You Wear, It keeps me up at night. & Divulge.

The Mask You Wear is heavily influenced by Kane’s long-term health conditions, delving into the façade that people create in order to maintain a false but more idealistic perception of themselves. What happens once you no longer have it in you to sustain this front?

It keeps me up at night. examines an imagined thought process that could occur if someone you knew went missing.

Divulge shares honest & dishonest things that no longer have to stay unsaid.

Recent NSCD graduate Kane John Mills is a Plymouth-born emerging choreographer and dance, theatre and installation artist. He has twice been the recipient of PDSW’s Young Choreographer’s Award, enabling him to create two works with mentorship and funding. He is also passionate about psychology, writing and proofreading/editing and aims to have his own inclusive company in the future.

Promotional Image for ‘The Mask You Wear’ taken by Matt Austin Photography.


The Break-Up Monologues


Wednesday 19 July 2017

Award-winning comedian and Radio 4 regular Rosie Wilby hosts this themed comedy, storytelling and spoken word night. Rosie is joined onstage by fellow performers Sophia Blackwell, VG Lee and Paula Varjack to look back at their best and worst relationship breakup stories. Tragedy plus time equals comedy, right?

Rosie Wilby's nonfiction book Is Monogamy Dead? is out in 2017 (Accent Press) following a trilogy of shows investigating love and relationships. The Conscious Uncoupling was the final part of this trilogy and was programmed for Southbank Centre Festival of Love 2016 and shortlisted for Funny Women Best Show 2016.

Sophia Blackwell's acclaimed new poetry collection The Fire Eater's Lover is available via Burning Eye Books. She has been described as 'dirty, juicy, knowing and open' by Stella Duffy.

VG Lee's fifth novel Mr Oliver's Object Of Desire is out now. She started performing comedy in her sixties and is a regular favourite at Paul Burston's Polari salon.

Paula Varjack's Letters I Never Sent To You, also published by Burning Eye, has been described as a 'stunning collection of snapshots, memoir and poetry, deeply personal, vulnerable and frank' by Salena Godden.

This event is supported by Southwark LGBT network and will be recorded for a highlights broadcast on Resonance FM.

The Breakup Monologues was first commissioned by Bradford Literature Festival.


★★★★ "From the audience reaction, there was definitely the impression that The Break-Up Monologues could become a regular strand at the Blue Elephant."

The Reviews Hub

Devised, hosted and curated by
Rosie Wilby

Supported by

  • Metro
  • Southwark LGBT Network
  • Southwark Council

J7s Dance Company: An Evening with Giulia

Thursday 13 July 2017 - Friday 14 July 2017

J7s Dance Company is a professional dance company based in London. Founded by Italian choreographer Giulia Iurza, the company is particularly interested in the connection between mind and body. Striving to create pieces that psychologically push both dancers and audience, they begin by taking aspects from everyday life and use them as the stimulus to generate movement.

Join J7s at the Blue Elephant to share the journey the company takes in the studio to create their work. The night will feature pieces at different stages of their development, including Shikishin Funi, which premiered at The Place as part of Resolution, and their new work experimenting and collaborating with the composer Mau Loseto again. It will finish off with a Q&A session with Giulia Iurza.

“Iurza has a talent…and I cannot wait to see her next show. Truly one to watch.”
Sunday Express (Shikishin Funi)


“As a performance, it was immensely moving.”

The Spy in the Stalls