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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

The Glorious Tour

Wednesday 21 March 2018 - Saturday 24 March 2018

These days everything seems to be wrong for Roni, from her stupid name that nobody can pronounce to a body that somebody else must have the instructions for. Meanwhile, Mia wonders how life got so messy. Together, Roni and Mia take us on a journey through family, personal identity, 90s R&B slo-jams, birthday cakes, flavoured condoms and first adventures in sex, love and death through dance and spoken word.

A contemporary hiphop dance theatre performance about many kinds of love,The Glorious Tour is a female-led exposé of the heightened emotions surrounding motherhood, adolescence, growing up and letting go. Combining talking, dancing, reminiscing and paper aeroplanes, The Glorious Tour is an unfiltered social commentary on contemporary life, inspiring audiences and provoking debate.

Fly No Filter combines dance, creative writing, spoken word and the subversive culture of hip-hop to create arresting, physical, narrative dance theatre.

Artistic Director Lucy Crowe has been creating dance theatre since 2000, showing work at venues including The Place, Stratford Circus and Sadler’s Wells. The Glorious Tour is Lucy’s first production with Fly No Filter.

Previous praise for Fly No Filter (formerly SIN Cru Theatre):

“A powerful expression of freedom through hip-hop… vibrant, irrepressible performance art
of the highest quality.”
– Graham Watts,

"I really enjoyed it!" - Alistair Spalding, Sadler's Wells

Audience Feedback:

“An outstanding amount of energy and great, funny acting.”

"Nostalgic, funny and vulnerable"

Age Guidance: 15+
A small amount of flour is used during this performance

Image Credit:
Mitzi De Margaray

Supported by



written by Emmanuel Akwafo

Friday 16 March 2018

Oneness is a contemporary physical theatre play about identity and mainstream culture in today’s world and how it affects the way women see themselves. Taking a strong movement and physical theatre approach to create a vivid visual impact, Oneness encourages us to think about our perception of identity. It incorporates African and middle Eastern sound, a mixture of dance and live vocals, and asks bold and fierce questions. This thought-provoking play is sure to move you.

The performance at 8pm is sold out so we have added a preview performance at 5pm. Tickets for the 5pm show are £10 (full) and £5 (concessions and Southwark residents). The evening performance will be followed by a Q&A.

Written by
Emmanuel Akwafo
Directed by
Liliana Tavares & Emmanuel Akwafo
Dara - Sara Mokonen; Nitin - Ejiro Okorodudu; Melanie - Zöe Grain

Sticky Tape

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Sticky Tape follows a young woman, Brolly, who has experienced a sudden, life altering bereavement and her journey after losing her mother. Based on true life events and using verbatim text, Moon On A Stick will be combine puppetry, movement, live soundscapes and artistic design to develop the project. Inspired by watercolour painting and charcoal illustration, Sticky Tape will take Brolly’s previous reality and explore how it changes in this forever altered world.

Featuring intricate life-size puppetry, the project will look at the contradictions that lie within loss by presenting stark reality next to extraordinary fantasy. How life can be both truly beautiful and utterly ugly and how we might live, held between these things.

Sticky Tape is Moon On A Stick’s first production for an adult audience having toured successfully with many Arts Council England Supported family shows. Moon On A Stick aim to create a fresh, stunningly visual piece with a moving and personal story at its heart. Join us for this scratch performance and feedback session.

Tickets are FREE but should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment - available here.


Split Bill: Meadow by Meadow / Serena Flynn: Prune in Progress


Thursday 22 February 2018 - Friday 23 February 2018

This is a split-bill work in progress performance from Meadow and Serena Flynn.

Meadow has a flair for the fabulous. She puts the "oh" in “oh my days” and the "ding" in "demanding." A famous vlogger, Meadow is now reaching out to her fans in real life and touring her new cabaret show to the masses. Join her for stories of heartbreak, the red carpet and her dog Choo Choo.

Serena Flynn’s ex cheated on her with webcam girls. She’s totally fine and doesn’t want to go on about it or anything. She’s just made a whole show about it.
Anarchic, grotesque and a bit nuts; this oversexed, outspoken bouffon playfully parodies gender performance and ridicules her own heartbreak.

Photo Credit (Meadow): Daniel Woodfield


Ribbet Ribbet Croak

By Moulded Theatre Company

Sunday 4 February 2018 - Tuesday 6 February 2018

Join Grandma and Grandpa Frog as they leave the pond to plan a big surprise. Help them keep a look out for their cheeky Grandfrogs, who pop up in unexpected places!

Featuring puppetry, Makaton and plenty of audience interaction, Ribbet Ribbet Croak is a playful multisensory exploration of frog life.

Ribbet Ribbet Croak is suitable for complex needs audiences and groups.

★★★ The Stage - "a great success"

★★★★ Broadway Baby - "a gentle and successful piece of theatre"

★★★ The List - "inventive sensory elements for an early years audience"

★★★★ Threeweeks - "plenty to see, things to touch and lots of sensory audience participation"

Performance Times:
Sunday 4th February: 12:00, 14:30 & 17:00
Tuesday 6th February: 10:00 (sold out), 11:30 & 13:45 (sold out)

Supported by


Desert Dust at The Star of Bethlehem

Once Upon A Christmas Song Project by The Dot Collective

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Developed as part of The Once Upon a Christmas Song Project, Blue Elephant Theatre and The Dot Collective are proud to present an alternative Christmas show, created from the magical stories, music and poetry springing from the dynamic minds of those with dementia.

The Dot Collective creates and provides professional theatre for those living in care, and share their work with the public. Not only do they bring innovative new theatre, but transform everyday spaces with all the aesthetics one would expect when going to the theatre.

Desert Dust at The Star of Bethlehem

Desert Dust at The Star of Bethlehem is a new play by Alexander Moschos (Brainville at Night, Found In Translation) directed by Dan Ayling (The Print Room, Hampstead Theatre, Arcola and regular Associate Director for Katie Mitchell). Presented by The Dot Collective’s latest project: Once Upon A Christmas Song, It has been written in response to ideas of participants we met during a series of theatrical workshops who live with dementia.

The night before Christmas, two siblings discover a homeless couple hiding in their pub and endeavour to keep their secret. Fusing sensory elements of live music, puppetry, immersive design elements and audience interaction, an ensemble of four professional actor/musicians will bring the spirit of Christmas alive. Join us as the three wise birds take us on a Christmas journey through the story of The Star of Bethlehem one night of Christmas Eve.

This project is truly a collaboration between the many minds met during the workshops, the playwright, director, designer and entire creative team.

Suitable for all ages


★★★★ “As an ensemble cast, each of the actor-musicians bring something special to the mix; bringing sensitivity and deftness to the darker themes of the show, while also bringing a requisite charm and ‘magic’ to the proceedings.”

Breaking the Fourth Wall

★★★★ “The company have proved that quality artistic work should be for all and that you can become involved in the arts, no matter what age.”

The Spy in the Stalls

★★★★ “Watching the production in a small theatre was spellbinding, with people around me describing the show as heart-warming, delightful, and charming.”

Fairy Powered Productions


‘One of the best monologues I’ve had the privilege to see. Period.’ ★★★★

Breaking the Fourth Wall


A Christmas Carol

Written by Jim Rastall

Presented by Redbridge Drama Centre in association with Jim Rastall

Sunday 10 December 2017

Will the spirits of Christmas transform the miserly old Scrooge? Which lucky audience member will get to play Tiny Tim? And who on earth gave the telly away? Wonderfully silly and tenderly heart-wrenching, Charles Dickens’ spellbinding tale is imaginatively brought to life in this fast-paced adventure comedy - featuring spooky spectres, audience interaction, and many a change of hat!

A perfect seasonal treat for ages five to five hundred, this tremendous new adaptation proves that nothing can replace your friends - and that with just a little kindness, the world can be very exciting indeed.

Supported by


Little Red Riding Hood

Thursday 7 December 2017 - Saturday 9 December 2017

All previously advertised performances are sold out but there is a NEW performance on Saturday 9th December at 12.30 and there are still tickets left for this performance!

This much-loved story is reinvented as a playful pantomime. Moon On A Stick combine enchanting puppetry & storytelling with all the traditional pantomime elements in a fun, imaginative show.

Featuring live music, dance and audience interaction, get really involved with the story and help Little Red through the forest. Packed full of silliness, a sassy heroine and sparkles, this is the perfect introduction to panto for children aged 3+ and their families.

Performances on Saturday 9th December are relaxed performances, especially suitable for young children or those with additional needs.

Performance Times:
Thursday 7th December: 11:15, 13:45 & 16:30
Friday 8th December: 10:00, 11:15 & 13:45
Saturday 9th December: 14:30 & 17:00 - NEW performance at 12.30

Supported by


Blue Cloud Scratch

Tuesday 5 December 2017

Blue Cloud Scratch is an exciting new dance scratch night, showcasing works in progress from a diverse range of choreographers, and is curated by Blue Elephant Theatre and Cloud Dance Festival. Blue Cloud Scratch aims to encourage and provide emerging dance artists with opportunities to present their works in progress and receive feedback from audiences and peers.

For more about the Blue Cloud Scratch and Cloud Dance Festival, click here.

Walls Between Us - Eriketi Andreadaki

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall. That wants it down.
So why do we continue to build them?

Walls Between Us explores the contradiction of creating and breaking boundaries and barriers. It dwells on the human need for fellowship and meaningful connection as well as the distance and barriers between us.

Drawing inspiration from Robert Frost’s Mending Wall, we investigate the concepts of limitation, personal space, touch and communication in an attempt to discover whether indeed “good fences make good neighbours.”

Eriketi Andreadaki is a London-based dance artist, originally from Athens, Greece. She graduated with a MA in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School, where she toured nationally and internationally with postgraduate company EDge. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Media Studies and Communication. Since graduating she has worked with a number of independent artists, such as Joanna Kalm and A(r)ct. Her most recent choreographic work Walls Between Us was presented in October 2017 in Greece, in collaboration with Emi Amerikanou.

Performers: Sophia Sednova and Eriketi Andreadaki
Originally performed by: Emi Amerikanou and Eriketi Andreadaki

Baby Plus Two (Excerpts) - Bricolage Dance UK/Lise Smith.

“There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall,” said some bloke who
was clearly no good at multitasking. This solo is our rebuttal.

Pram firmly in the hallway, Baby Plus Two brings to life the physical and psychological experiences of early parenthood - from breast engorgement to mastery of nappy-sniffing via a constant low-level angst; filled, like motherhood itself, with angst, humour and love.

Lise Smith trained at Trinity Laban, graduating in 2006. She has produced companies including Kate Flatt, Scarabeus Aerial Theatre and Kamala Devam, and made work for companies including Cambridge Contemporary Dance as well as performing and rehearsal directing. She has worked with Bricolage Dance since 2012, becoming a co-director in 2017.

Performer: Jodie Adele Cole
Music: Lise Smith

Quebranto - Lucía Piquero & Renzo Spiteri

This work in progress is a personal collaboration based on ideas surrounding freedom of expression and the loss of it either by external means or personal impositions. It explores feelings of inadequacy, lack of words in the face of current political and social situations, and how, although it is not possible to express certain horrors, silence is even worse a response.

Choreographer Lucía Piquero and sound artist Renzo Spiteri come together once again to explore the possibilities of performance to incite discussion and present different view on current social issues

Performer: Lucía Piquero
Sound Artist: Renzo Spiteri

Exhibit F - Becky Namgauds

Exhibit F is a raw and commanding solo work exploring how female oppression, identity and a collective loss of memory are connected. For how long can women study their own absence? Bare chested and breathing heavily the performer searches her tendrils of hair which soon become parted and dragged across the floor.

Becky Namgauds has worked with artists such as Marion Motin, Holly Blakey and Marianne Elliott at the National Theatre, and is featured in videos for Dior, Klyne and Dua Lipa. Her solo work Severed Dreams has been performed around the UK and in 2016 Becky was selected by Hofesh Shechter to create ‘RodaDoras’ for East Wall Warm Up produced by East London Dance and Hofesh Shechter Company.

Performer: Becky Namgauds
Extra Direction: Marso Riviere

We Received Orders Not To Move - Margherita Borg and Ming

We have received orders not to move. We have been instructed how to sit, stand, walk. Our bodies reject these orders.

Ming & Marg Are currently studying at Roehampton University to receive an MFA in Choreography. They recently collaborated a lighting design for The Print Room’s International Festival.

Performers: Margherita Borg and Ming


The Invisible


Thursday 30 November 2017 - Friday 1 December 2017

She waits for airplanes to cross the sky. She wants to see the outside world. She folds paper planes. She takes a flight. She leaves home. She arrives in a foreign country. She feels invisible. She asks why.

A storyteller stands alone on the stage, sharing a story about an invisible character.

What happens when East Asian culture lands at Heathrow Airport? How much do you know about the invisible? How little do you know? The Invisible is a one-woman show by Yuyu Wang, drawing on real experiences of living in a foreign country, incorporating story-telling, music and movement. It aims to explore the vulnerability, homesickness and otherness of Asian communities overseas, offering a new perspective on current contemporary discussions around immigration, alienation and home.


★★★★ “Wang has the intensity and charisma to carry this off in spades and her magnetic performance makes it easy for the audience to invest in this story”

Fairy Powered Productions

“…intensely emotional and personal, achieving a rare feeling of intimacy between audience and performer”

The Spy in the Stalls

Devised and performed by
Yuyu Wang

The Tricycle

Tuesday 21 November 2017 - Saturday 25 November 2017

Apal and Climando have to pay for the tricycle they hired but they don´t have the money. How far will they go to survive in a world where all hope of a future is lost?

Three teenagers and an old man try to survive in a hostile, unintelligible and alienating world. They’re just four marginal characters looking for their place in a system which forgot them. What will they do for the chance of a better tomorrow?

The Tricycle was the first play by renowned Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal. Written in 1952, is a strangely light-hearted tale of poverty and murder. In this perfect example of Absurd Theatre, the writer questions the limits of freedom and the relationship between our acts and their consequences in a rotten society in which children commit sinister acts to survive.

Bright South Theatre, under the direction of Jesús Chavero, presents the London premiere of a new adaptation of The Tricycle. This young Spanish company presents its first project in English, portraying a playful yet disturbing world and posing questions as relevant now as when The Tricycle was first written.

Please note that Southwark Council is repairing footpaths outside our building and parking is currently restricted

Running Time: 75 minutes


“The cast bring charisma to their individual roles, especially Gichigi as the cheerful Climando”

Euston Street Diaries


How to Cope with Embarrassment

Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Saturday 18 November 2017

The Two Pale Ladies, and their new pale mate present How to Cope with Embarrassment, an irreverent showcase of what makes us tick, blush, cringe and silently scream.

We want to explore what it is to be embarrassed and how it happens, so that maybe we can find a way of coping with it.

So that we can reduce the number of times a day we wish that the ground would open up and lose us within its burning furnace.

So that we may sleep better, with a clearer conscience.

So that we may be less embarrassed.

How to Cope with Embarrassment is part forum theatre, live art, cabaret, wanna-be comedy and a little bit of karaoke. Deliberately adopting a disloyal frame, it stomps between genres and styles as a reaction to the fickle and capricious nature of Embarrassment, with a focus on failure and error.

Please note that Southwark Council is repairing footpaths outside our building and parking may be restricted during this run


"some exquisitely awkward moments here, real masterpieces of comic timing and endurance."

Euston Street Diaries



Friday 10 November 2017

Join Shakespeare's Men as they fly through the Bard's Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and Twelfth Night in a whirlwind hour of mischievous storytelling. With tons of audience interaction, more than a dash of mayhem and a star turn from one lucky adult (shhh don't tell!), Shakespearience is the perfect treat for all the family.

★★★★★ "Utterly hilarious... a wildly successful all-family show" - The Stage

★★★★ "They keep the children rapt and transported whilst giving them a great early start to the Bard" - The List

Please note that this performance will be filmed for promotional purposes.

Limited tickets remaining - please contact the box office on 020 7701 0100 for more information or to be added to the waiting list.


The Conversation


Wednesday 8 November 2017

The Conversation is a performance which explores the topic of consent. Lauren considers the language of consent and how we talk about it, or, how we do not talk about it.

Don’t worry, she’s not looking to shock you and she’s definitely not angry at you. She just wants to impress you.

Lauren attempts to create a safe space where you feel relaxed and invited to enjoy yourself with the help of her hosting. All of this is for you, and she won’t let you forget it. She’s pulling out all the stops on this special night. She’s setting herself high expectations, and she may fail to meet them. You may feel the urge to leave, and you are welcome to, whenever you want.

But oh baby, please don’t go, she just wants you to stay.

Age restriction 15+


★★★★ “Burch is a charming personality and more than capable of enrapturing an audience for an hour”

The Spy in the Stalls

Created by
Lauren Aimee Burch

The Dance Hall


Wednesday 1 November 2017 - Thursday 2 November 2017

An intimate story about an Irish family living in England, The Dance Hall touches on themes of immigration, loss, loneliness, family and, most importantly, (in)dependence.

After Annie dies far too young, Jimmy struggles with getting older, particularly with losing his independence. His family ‘tries to visit’ when their lives allow and we delve into Jimmy’s relationships with his daughter and granddaughter, tracking their attempts to support him as best they can. We learn about Jimmy's journey from Ireland, how he met his beloved Annie in the dance hall, and the loneliness of his life without her.

Thursday's performance is now sold out. Please call to be added to the waiting list


"a beautiful story that many can relate to”

The Spy in the Stalls

Eve Niker