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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

Monstera Deliciosa

Curated by Ioanna Sakkoula
Wednesday 6 June 2018

For one evening only, the Blue Elephant transforms into the Monstera Deliciosa group exhibition!

The performances individually and collectively interact with the playful dynamics and potential of the theatrical space and time as an exhibition. The coexisting works investigate the simultaneous opposites of orderly disorder, synchronous spontaneity, anticlimactic climax, the humorously serious and the theatrically honest.

Keep Reaching For The Stars by Beth Chapman
An angry wrestler explores the relations and boundaries within group exhibitions, while exposing the frustration of artists.

Fear of the Unknown by Beatriz Creel
You are invited to a collective game of breaking through the fear of the unknown. A participatory performance based on the festive game of the piñata.

2000-2012 by Kyriakos Tsirigotis & Ioanna Bili
A sculptural and choreographic performance influenced by the autobiographical elements of the artist’s experience in the Greek Navy. A durational process of discipline, healing and absurdity.

Untitled by Wright & Vandame
Remnants of celebrations or traces of a performance. This site-specific installation insinuates the memory of fun as well as the melancholy of past moments.

This exhibition runs from 18.00 - 20.30. Tickets are FREE, but booking in advance is highly recommended. Please book here.


Brain Rinse

Friday 1 June 2018 - Saturday 2 June 2018

Journey through the corridors of your mind in this award-nominated interactive comedy show. Ridiculous characters will help you come together as an audience and discover your inner ninja. War, mountaineering, expressive dance and tantric air kissing, it’s all in there.

Allergy advice: this show contains traces of audience participation.

Globetrotting street performer Mike Raffone has decided to put a roof over his shows. And so Rinse Productions was born. Mike's most memorable street theatre event was when an on-duty policeman played the part of The Hot Cop in a recreation of The Village People.

Created by
Mike Raffone
Directed by
John Whelan

Love & Spaghetti

Presented by A Truefitt Collective

Thursday 31 May 2018

A Truefitt Collective presents... LOVE & SPAGHETTI, their newest work exploring the complexity, vulnerability and simplicity of human relationships.

Human interpersonal relationships are vital for our survival, so why are we so s*** at getting them right? Two women perform their experiences as they fall apart and come together. This is the beautiful and terrifying thing about relationships; we must be willing to completely reveal layers of ourselves to reach an authentic, tangible connection with another soul.

An evening of LOVE & SPAGHETTI also features two new performance works: Too Close to the Bone (Elisha Hamilton) and Sorry Flowers Die (Jay Yule & Tommy Cattin).

Too Close to the Bone (Elisha Hamilton)

The audience find themselves amongst a particular unnerving world as both you and I expose parts of our lustful or lust-less lives.

Sorry Flowers Die (Jay Yule & Tommy Cattin)

A shift between unknown and privacy is also a journey between absurdity and tenderness, a strange cohabitation that still reveals an inability to communicate as human beings.

Sound Composer
Jo Cooper
Spoken Word Artist
Chantelle Walker



Thursday 24 May 2018

A showcase of excerpts and short works-in-progress of new material from London's most exciting artists across the arts.

Tickets are FREE and are FULLY BOOKED but you can join the waiting list here and we will be in touch if any become available.

Flux Theatre - Grotty Toilet

A grotty toilet. Two strangers. And a lot of time to pass.

Flux Theatre are a new-writing company that aim to create socially engaging stories.

Previous work has been show at Finborough Theatre, Tristan Bates, Bunker Theatre, Park Theatre, Arcola Theatre.

The Prologues - Amelia's Account

The Prologues is a drama that explores power, freedom, gender bias and the justice system. The story is told by four female protagonists who are foster sisters. Over a series of short sketches, a thrilling story unravels as we learn more about each character’s journey.

For the Trunkated Showcase, The Prologues – Amelia’s account will be shared.

Romani Wright playing Amelia Smith
Lauren Anika playing Dr. Tara Mclearan

Stephanie T Clarke is an upcoming writer & director hailing from South London. Currently she runs a movement for minority Actors & Writers, called Actors Jam. AcJam works with young people aged 16-25 to take new original work & innovative ideas from page to stage. The project aims to create story lines that represent the diverse community.

Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy Everyday

‘Be the girl on tinder every girl wants to go to raves with’

They say this city never sleeps. Some people don’t have anywhere to sleep. For some people drugs are the home they go back to. Is partying always a fun vibe… Or is it just somewhere to belong?

This work in progress is a semi-autobiographical, spoken word theatre piece by Chloё Florence which explores sexuality, drugs, homelessness and rave culture.

Poet, playwright and performer - Chloё’s work is routed in truth and spoken word. As an ‘Artivist’ - she aims to give a voice to the voiceless in society / on stage.

Member of Shutdown Collective, Poetry Collective at the Roundhouse, Longlisted for the Outspoken Poetry Prize and Vault Festival New Writers Award Winner.

Directed by Kelly Roberts.

Him Indoors

An absurd comedy horror set in a ridiculous town full of oddbodds: A journalist gets a tipoff on a story he just has to follow, and into an unknown town he goes to meet a strange lady in a house on a hill…

Douberful are a company formed by Sonja Doubleday who have made short films with various members. The current brand new production Him Indoors consists of three performers, Sonja Doubleday, Nina Attesh and Tiberious Chris who have come together to make this play.


George is a piece about the dehumanising effects of ambition within cities. It follows an everyman character on his way to his meeting with "J"; an absent but ever present figure of authority and enlightenment. George meets several people along the way, but in a world where everyone is out for themselves, who is there left to trust?

CTNGCY Theatre is a physical theatre company. It is unique in the sense that its roots in traditional theatre allow the company to choreograph contemporary dance to deliver a strong narrative. Its work utilises the explosive theatrical potential of live audience interaction and explores social issues in a dynamic way.

Barbara Blanka
Igor Smith
Max Percy

Tech: Edward Justham

Dramaturg: Frey Kwa Hawking


Ex-batts and Broilers


Tuesday 22 May 2018

Join Gail and Gemma on a touching, eggciting and cut-throat journey through friendship and chickenhood. Watch them compete for your affections, and decide on your favourite to vote out of the cage to pastures new!

Ex-batts and Broilers is presented as a work in progress and feedback will be welcomed.

Age guidance: 14+

Jesse Dupre and Sophie Taylor
Technical Operator:
Heather Ralph
Costume support:
Ruth Dupre
Michael Glover

Story Time with Craig Jenkins


Sunday 13 May 2018

Enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughs, songs and stories as storyteller Craig Jenkins performs Story Time –classic folktales from across the world.

Listen to the adventures of the animals of the jungle as lion, monkey, elephant and mouse take part in mischief and fun, while the children of the city have some hilarious adventures of their own!

With a playful and interactive style, this 50 minute show is a perfect Sunday afternoon treat for children aged 5+ and their families.

Craig Jenkins is an internationally renowned storyteller who has performed stories for children around the world in England, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Taiwan and the United States of America.

Over the last ten years, he has performed for high profile organisations such as the BBC, the Barbican Centre, the British Museum, the British Film Institute and the High Commission of India (London), as well as using storytelling in a wide range of education, outreach and community settings.

Suitable for ages 5 and over.


Blue Cloud Scratch


Friday 11 May 2018

Blue Cloud Scratch is an exciting new dance scratch night, showcasing works in progress from a diverse range of choreographers, and is curated by Blue Elephant Theatre and Cloud Dance Festival. Blue Cloud Scratch aims to encourage and provide emerging dance artists with opportunities to present their works in progress and receive feedback from audiences and peers.

For more about the Blue Cloud Scratch and Cloud Dance Festival, click here.

M2toB by Livia Massarelli

M2toB takes inspiration from the work of Italian painter Ubaldo Savonari.

The dynamism and the power of the colours in Savonari's work has inspired the music composition and the choreography in M2toB. The piece aims to demonstrate the strength, the dynamics and shapes of Savonari’s art through movement and music, suggesting constant resilience.

Choreographer Livia Massarelli is an Italian dancer and choreographer based in London. Her own choreographies have been presented at Resolution Festival 2018 (London) The Play Space (London) Casa das Artes (Portugal), Terni Festival (Italy), Festival ArteScienza (Italy). She has performed choreographies by various artists as Shobana Jeyasingh, Tony Adigun, Patricia Okenwa, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Emanuel Gat and Claudia Castellucci.

Choreographer/Dancer: Livia Massarelli
Music composer: Maurizio Massarelli
Photo credit: Chris Nash

Storming Frenzy by David West

Storming Frenzy explores group dynamics, and their stages of development. This was known as "Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing", drawing inspirations from the physiologist Bruce Tuckman’s findings. Rather than delving into the academics of it all, however, this piece looks at the emotional, physiological elements of his findings.

David West is an early career choreographer, having graduated from London Studio Centre in 2017. His work aims to stir emotional reactions and self-awareness in not just the viewers, but also the dancers, and others that partake in his work. He hopes to establish a small company later this year.

Choreographer: David West
Image Credit: Michelle Rose

File No. 549574X by Raymond Sweetman/SOAS Dance Society

The ‘mime’ sections of the great classical ballets are nowadays often treated as twee, archaic relics which serve only as interludes to the pyrotechnics of the big jumps and turns. ‘Modern’ ballet distances itself from its roots to have an ‘edge’. Originally conceived as a linking episode for a longer piece, this short extract attempts to create a narrative from two sides of ballet.

SOAS (University of London) Dance Society is the university society offering dance classes and workshops for students of the School of Oriental and African Studies as well as Birkbeck College. The society’s President Raymond Sweetman is the choreographer and performer of File No. 549574X. He is also a professional dancer who mainly specialises in contemporary, commercial and K-pop but also performs ballet and waacking on occasion.

Choreographer/Performer: Raymond Sweetman
Music Credits: Cos Chapman, Thomas Tallis & Vaughan Williams

Joe by Tommy Cattin

Joe is a choreographic exploration of the notion of presence, where the work of composition was directed through personal senses and memories. In space, the audience is invited to be part of the temporal and living experience arising from this arrangement.

Tommy Cattin is from Switzerland. He is about to graduate with a BA (Hons) from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. He also spent part of his training in Institut del Teatre in Barcelona in 2017. From 2018, Tommy will join Black Box Dance Company in Denmark as an apprentice. Over the past few years, he has presented creations in different events in London and online.

Choreographer: Tommy Cattin
Dancer: Joséphine Auffray
Costume: Rosie Whiting
Sound: Gaspar Narby
Image Credit: James Keates

FollOw mE/Suis MOi by Matthew Rawcliffe

Considering what it means to belong and to be loved, FollOw mE/Suis MOi is a fun energetic solo which explores why we dance; as though the body is discovering what it feels like to move and to be moved for the first time.

Manchester-born dancer currently training at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Matthew is co-artistic director of Two Yolks Theatre, a cross disciplinary company working in dance, spoken word and music. In 2016 he created a solo work 'Time She Stopped' which was used in a promotional film commissioned by The Lowry for the Selfridges' everyBODY campaign.

Choreographer/Dancer: Matthew Rawcliffe
Photo Credit: Emma Gleave

Re + by Tamae Yoneda

Retry, Recover, React…

I’ve done a lot of things with dance, sometimes they’ve been good, sometimes they’ve been bad.

Maybe every dancer feels they can be saved by dance, and that’s why we never give up. That’s why we retry, recover, react…

I’ve moved to London, and now I want to rediscover myself. It’s simple, I just wanna dance.

Tamae Yoneda is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer from Osaka, Japan. Tamae originally trained as a gymnast, before moving into the performing arts and specialising in dance. This has led her on a journey to train across the world, judge national dance competitions and perform as a guest dancer in many events. Tamae has since opened her own dance company, and has dedicated herself to teaching while also pursuing her own creative practice as a choreographer.


Before It Starts

Tuesday 8 May 2018 - Thursday 10 May 2018

Before It Starts is a brutal and unforgiving take on teenage life, sex, social media and friendships told through physical theatre and clowning.

When a new girl starts school and reveals her controversial sexuality her friends have a lot to laugh about. But when the jokes turn sour and the playful banter becomes bullying, the group realise they have a lot to be sorry for. Unlike other conventional homophobia stories that pity the victim, Before It Starts approaches this story from the bully’s point of view, making them likeable, funny, charismatic and oblivious of their own actions.

So sit back, relax and get ready for the rawest, funniest and most offensive ride of your life. It’s playful, it’s honest, it’s daring, it’s an education for all! Oh, and remember, it’s based on true events and real life accounts!

Q&A Panel: On Wednesday 9th May we will host a post show discussion panel with Naked Frank and with LGBT inclusion advocate and award-winning educator Shaun Dellenty ( Learn how the show was created and contribute to the discussion on LGBT inclusion and education.

Naked Frank are a physical theatre company who create theatre that makes a positive difference. For this production the company combined written accounts and verbatim text to tell a cold story about homophobia in schools in an outlandish, controversial and hilarious manner.

“We don’t believe that theatre can change the world, but it can change an opinion. Change enough opinions and you might just change the world.”

Age Guidance: 15+


★★★★★ "Everything is in place: enthusiasm, integrity, uncompromising message: the result is a highly effective piece of theatre." Peter Yates, London Theatre 1

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze!

Thursday 3 May 2018

'A sneeze is a powerful thing, a dangerous thing, you never know what might happen with a sneeze...'

Join Ellie on a wild snot-filled adventure as she sets out to help her friend Stanley to sneeze for the very first time. A Roald Dahl-esque tale featuring live music, magical mucus and ever-extendable nose hairs from the award-winning creators of Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo that can Never be Caught!

Winners: Best Family Show, Buxton Fringe.
'Splendidly silly' (List).
'Quirky, inventive and lively' **** (

After the hilarious Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo that can Never be Caught!, Mouths of Lions have a new show brewing and they’re trying it out at the Blue Elephant for the first time! If you’d like to see a very funny and very silly new show before anyone else does AND get a taste of how shows are put together and see the actors and musicians working from scripts, then come along for Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze!

Tickets are FREE but we advise booking here to avoid disappointment.

Suitable for ages 5-10.

Supported by


Bailamos Opa!

With Dance Guru to the Stars Aliki Mbakoyianni

Wednesday 25 April 2018 - Thursday 26 April 2018

Bailamos Opa!
With Dance Guru to the Stars Aliki Mbakoyianni

When an ex-star dancer and wildly successful dance guru begins to feel like an ageing has-been, she decides to take to the stage and reclaim the limelight in a different way. Greek-Argentine global nomad, political activist and single-lady-again Aliki Mbakoyianni has a message for every dance body via a reflection on her own star-studded life.

Journalist, author and playwright Lorna V is an amateur dancer who overcame stepping in the wrong direction (just about) to develop a passion for Argentine tango. Her first full length show as a writer-performer is a feel-good piece with plenty of heart and humour. Through the Greek-Argentine character Aliki Mbakoyianni, Lorna V explores ageing, politics, immigration, and delivers some unexpected and hilarious twists on cultural history.

Book for Bailamos Opa! and you could win dinner for two with drinks at the Real Greek Bankside branch. One prize available per show night.

Written and performed by
Lorna V
Directed by
Athena Mandis
Greek Dancing Advisor
Evi Xydia
Photo Credit
Vassa Nicolaou

Supported by


At the Heart of Things

by Vertebra Theatre

Thursday 19 April 2018 - Sunday 22 April 2018

At the Heart of Things is a dance-puppetry performance inspired by Oscar Wilde’s book De Profundis. Movement improvisation, visual imagery and devised text create a contemporary adaptation that dives into female sexuality, queer identity and homophobia.

In a dystopian world where growing fear takes centre stage, two young women Lilly and Nina are dancing in a nightclub. When a gunman enters and opens fire, nothing will be the same again. Lilly tries to make sense in a senseless world. What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to fall in love? Out of her frustration, Oscar Wilde will be born, to guide her, page by page, towards rediscovering her sexuality and womanhood.

''An intriguing show to watch, full of little flashes of beauty and excellence.'' Views from the Gods

Vertebra Theatre is a physical and visual theatre company that creates international devising, puppetry and film work. Their previous work includes Dark Matter, which had a sold-out run at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


The Tell Tales


Thursday 12 April 2018 - Friday 13 April 2018

Gather round, there's a story to be told.

The Tell Tales is a brand new storytelling show for adults, exploring folk tales from across the globe. This piece of innovative new theatre immerses the audience in the magical worlds of tall tales and fantastical adventures. The storytellers cleverly weave a tapestry of myths and legends from the threads of yarns old and new. Come and be wrapped up by this group of first class raconteurs.

This ragtag bunch of storytellers are led by Paul Andrew and Minnie Wilkinson - experienced storytellers who are happiest when sat around a campfire swapping stories and tall tales. Whilst they are experienced children's storytellers, they decided that kids shouldn't have all the fun! And thus, The Tell Tales was born.


A Tuttifrutti Cabaret: Little April Showers

Presented by Divabsurdity

Friday 6 April 2018

We are whispering to your left ear, tickling you with our petals:
"Don’t be upset about the rain. Spring is coming and we all are just about to bloom and it is going to be a revolution like every year. It is like they say: April showers bring May flowers."

After a successful Edinburgh Fringe festival 2017 and a monthly sold out cabaret nights, A Tuttifrutti Cabaret lands at the Blue Elephant Theatre with all-new exciting acts and fresh guests.

A monthly rendezvous with an all fierce female international cast. Featuring original material from the worlds of comedy, clown, circus and bouffon.

Expect a juicy, fruity cabaret you will never forget!

An ensemble of hilarious soul sisters who met few years ago in France at the École Philippe Gaulier and never left each others since then.
As independent performers, self-producers and lovers of strong female comedy they have joined forces for to birth an all female comedy cabaret, absurd and unapologetic.

Our April international ladies:

Monia Baldini, alias Nina Divina, is the artistic director of Divabsurdity and the hostesse maitress of A Tuttifrutti Cabaret.
She is a Gaulier trained clownesse and she has been a theatre writer and director for the past ten years in Italy where she is from.
She has moved to London a couple of years ago with her family and she is working on her own stuff, writing silly songs about snakes and working with amazing women. She is currently working with Lucia Bombilla in a new clown show called "Amazing scenes of legendary where snakes where (kind of) present".

Lucia is a basque clown Gaulier trained.
In A Tuttifrutti Cabaret she is Lucia Bombilla the irreplaceable assistant of Nina Divina, prop maker, costume designer and occasionally graphic designer. She loves motorbikes and perform silent clown pieces. She is currently living in London and working with Nina Divina in a new clown show called "Amazing scenes of legendary where snakes where (kind of) present".

Evie Fehilly is an actress and theatre maker from Birmingham, a graduate of theatre and clown at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, and, in the words of QX Magazine, "hilariously unhinged". Having honed her talents on the London cabaret scene, working with creators such as Caroline Horton, Ursula Martinez, Duckie and David Hoyle, Currently, Evie is working on a solo show about friendship and loneliness and was a founding member of Cabaret group Queerlective. Evie wants to make people laugh and make people (well, mainly herself) feel a little bit better about the world.

Irene Nerys is a dancer, actress and performer. Engaged in creating and exploring new choreographic and artistic patterns, her very atypical path brings her to discover and fuse the most diverses disciplines (stand up and contemporary dance, oriental dance and ballet, visual art/new media and clown,
Photography and vanguardist poetry etc..). She lives in Paris and believes in beautiful and cool stuff that makes ones happy for real.

Julia is Russian born in Estonia and based in London. Since graduating from Ecole Philippe Gaulier she has performed a one woman play "Radiator" written and directed by Madeleine Bye. The show played at Tristan Bates Theatre as part of The Camden Fringe 2016 ("brilliant" ** - gingerwigandstrollingman) She is a member of the comedy troupe "Sensitive Bricks" which has been described by Kate Copstick as "If you feel the need for a little crazy in your life...they would be the people to provide it." They have recently performed their show ‘’Late Night Nonsense - Variety Show’’ at Adelaide Fringe. (****1/2 - Adelaidian)

Shea Wojtus is an actress, creator and clown originally hailing from Canada. She is currently appearing in Somnai, a new site-specific immersive show in London. She can often be found at comedy nights in London performing weird new solo bits or sharing the stage with her clown partner Lulu. Shea tries let humour and lightness inform all of the work she creates.

TOP TEN MUST SEE CABARETS The List, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017
"…we were often surprised, things took different turns and there was plenty to enjoy and even be fascinated by…Plenty of comedy, cheeky one-liners, wit and a bit of rule-breaking – the ingredients of good, offbeat cabaret… left the audience clapping with delight …."
Paul Levy from Fringe Review

“It was amazing to spend five minutes in each one of your heads”
Tamara Astor, Actress

“I felt like I was sixteen again in the bedroom laughing with my girlfriends”
Francesco, an audience member


The Curious Case of the Missing Eggs...


Friday 30 March 2018

Bring your little detective to help the Easter bunny find the missing eggs! Drama, music and games led by Blue Elephant Theatre bring the riddles to life as children solve the mystery and save the day!

All are welcome, these performances are family friendly and aimed especially at early years. Meet in The Trunk at Artworks, before heading round to Elephant Park, Elephant Road.

Three peformances at 12.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.30pm, and all are completely free! Spaces are limited, so booking in advance here is advised.

Find out more about Elephant Park.

Please note these performances are NOT at Blue Elephant Theatre.


Sisyphus Distressing

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Sisyphus Distressing is an experimental music and theatre show, built around the myth of Sisyphus, as it was seen through the eyes of Albert Camus. Devised by Gregory Emfietzis, Sisyphus Distressing focuses on the values, ethics and struggles of modern society, inspired by the well-known myth. A highly emotional sonic journey, melded with a variety of non-musical elements, including drama, lighting, movement, and video. The show is supported by the Arts Council and the Hinrichsen Foundation.

The Metapraxis Ensemble is a flexible group of musicians and collaborators. Their productions focus on presenting contemporary music structured around narratives, and reinforced by extra-musical elements. Metapraxis events have taken place in venues such as IKLECTIK, Cafe Oto, LSO St Lukes, The Space, TripSpace, Iris and Chelsea Theatres.

Curator and Producer
Gregory Emfietzis
Mayra Stergiou
Alma Daskalaki
Neil Georgeson (piano/narration), Angela Hui (percussion), Ilze Ikse (flutes), Loukia Loulaki (cello), Myrto Loulaki (voice), Rebecca Raimondi (violin)

Supported by

  • Hinrichsen Foundation
  • Arts Council England