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Charity number: 1077161

Company number: 3724349

Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

roswitha in soffitta

by Selma Roth

Friday 27 February 2015 - Saturday 28 February 2015

Roswitha is peculiar!

Lost in her memories, with only suitcases for companions, she is trying to find her way home. Gathering courage, she journeys through unexpected places to face her future and leave the past behind.

roswitha in soffitta is a piece of physical theatre and mime by Selma Roth with music by Alex Judd.

roswitha in soffitta from Selma Roth on Vimeo.


"It is an elegant and sensitive mime piece"

Euston Street Diaries

Devising Artist
Selma Roth
Alex Judd

Supported by

  • Master Campus Theatre CH
  • Scuola Teatro Dimitri

Physical Science

Sunday 15 February 2015 - Saturday 21 February 2015

Our three scientists take children on a movement adventure, to learn about three magical potions that can transform your body in different ways!

Physical Science is an interactive dance performance for children aged 5-7 years, taking them on a journey through science.

Physical Science is designed with accessibility in mind, and a live audio narration and British Sign Language (BSL) are both integrated into the performance. We welcome children with speech and language learning needs, physical and sensory disabilities, and English as an Additional Language (EAL).


"Science for kids, so it said on the press release, but once in the auditorium it seemed that the young folk were outnumbered by the grown ups, and once the show began I could see why...this is a show that anyone can understand"

Southwark News

Supported by

  • Norwegian Embassy
  • British Council
  • Arts Council


by Hammer and Tongs Theatre

Tuesday 18 November 2014 - Saturday 6 December 2014
Tuesday November 18 & Wednesday November 19
Post-show discussion:
Wednesday November 26

Join the Fates for an evening of hilarity in the underworld as Hammer and Tongs Theatre take on the myths of Ancient Greece. Dodge snakes with Medusa’s stylists, chug protein shakes with the goddess of war, and glimpse the dinner-party squabbles on Mount Olympus that really started the Trojan War.

The Greek Myths retold as you’ve never seen them before, accompanied by live music!

Praise for Hammer & Tongs Theatre’s Arabian Nights

‘There are only so many words to say how fabulous this production was. Creative, inventive, witty and original... I was captivated’ - Southwark News

‘One of the best pieces of pure theatre I’ve seen in fifteen years' - Snipe London

***** ‘A great night out. Keep an eye on this bunch’ Remote Goat

**** ‘So funny…the applause didn't stop’ - Views From the Gods

**** ‘I’ve never seen anything quite like this before, and would like to see more of it' - Female Arts


"Wittily written and sharply performed...drawing its wry irreverent tone from classic comedy like Monty Python and Douglas Adams’ novels"

Euston Street Diaries

"★★★★... a fun, fast-paced hour propelled by polished performances from the cast"

Everything Theatre

"A show of non-stop comic cuts"

British Theatre Guide

"Jennifer Rose Lee's production fills the stage with colour and life...a match for some of the best comedy - Monty Python comes to mind"

UK Theatre Network

"Great storytelling...sweet, entertaining, funny and will teach you a thing or two"


"Our intrepid trio take the audience on a journey that cleverly delivers several ancient stories told in a fresh and frantic way"

Southwark News

Jennifer Rose Lee
Set Designer
Beth Heaton
Suzie Grimsdick
Philippa Hambly
Oliver Yellop
Executive Producer
Sofia Tsekoura

MYTHS Illustrated

Tuesday 18 November 2014 - Saturday 6 December 2014

This collection of illustrations created by artist Lizzie Kendal is based on the script of MYTHS – Greek Legends: A Comedy Remake, currently showing at the Blue Elephant Theatre. She is sister to the show’s Director, Jennifer Rose Lee with whom she is delighted to be working in collaboration.

By using a different medium to explore these stories, Lizzie hopes that her watercolours will bring a new and delightful perspective on the play during your post or pre-theatre cup of tea/ glass of wine/ sit down!

All works displayed here are for sale, ask the Blue Elephant staff for more information. For commissions and to see more of Lizzie Kendal’s work please see

The exhibition can be seen before and after peformances of MYTHS, Tuesday to Saturday. Appointments to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday, must be made prior to visiting.


Wine World Map: Northern Hemisphere

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Sunday 16 November 2014

Joe Stevens, artist.

"The origin of my current creative practice is a work called Wine Games from 2007, which was a sculptural assemblage of Wine Gums laid out in an algorithm-derived pattern on a chequerboard floor. This was the catalyst for further works resulting from and inspired by the work. Wine Games used an algorithm to generate information that was then used as the raw material for further activity, with the different Wine Gums colours indicating a direction on the grid floor. By using an algorithm with the methodology of the grid I am able to redirect creative endeavour into this focused and autonomous structure to generate a perpetual guidance system that dictates this structure for each new context that I explore.

Wine World is shorthand for Wine Games: World, which is in itself an extension of the original Wine Games concept. The ultimate goal of Wine World is to play the game on a global scale and, like the mythical Phoenix with five colours that symbolize the five virtues; the chosen colour scheme can be interpreted on the level of symbolism: black for contentment, red love, green humility, orange compassion and yellow truth."

The exhibition can be seen before and after dates where there is a show, typically Tuesday to Saturday, but please check in advance. Appointments to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday, must be made prior to visiting as we cannot guarantee access to the space on a walk in basis.


Spare Tyre Scratches

Sunday 16 November 2014

Brace yourself for new writing that will touch your heart, scuff your emotions.

Gavin Dent directs provocative and abrasive new writing by three emerging artists aged 70+ . Writers explore ageing: looking back, looking forward, looking towards death.

Scratches challenges prejudice and celebrates diversity.

Spare Tyre is one of the UK’s leading participatory arts charities. They have over 35 years of experience of using and making theatre that enables voiceless communities and individuals to share and celebrate their untold stories.

Recommended for ages 14+.

Running time: 85 minutes


"It's a night of works-in-progress - but it's certainly far enough along for an audience, and it's thoroughly interesting."

Views from the Gods

Gavin Dent

The Son of Heaven, the Servant of God & the Map of the World

by Tattooed Potato

Tuesday 11 November 2014 - Saturday 15 November 2014

“You may travel about while reclining at ease, and scan the countries of the world without going out of doors.”

Beijing, 1582. An Italian Jesuit presents the Emperor of China with a map as tall as a man and twice as wide, one of the first ever to show the whole world, old and new, East and West.

Anticipating the internet by four hundred years, two men -- one thousands of miles from home, the other in a palace he would never leave – survey the world without taking a step. A journey through memory and imagination to discover whether home is a place or something we carry within ourselves.

A work-in-progress production by Tattooed Potato.

“Intriguing… packed full of daring approaches, strong acting and bold imagery”
★★★★ Views from the Gods on Tattooed Potato’s The Nightmare Dreamer


"There's an exuberance that comes entirely naturally with whatever the group are doing that's frankly infectious...I've no doubt this could be another triumph for the delightfully idiosyncratic team"

Views from the Gods

"Combining physical theatre, shadowplay and drama the cast tells an intriguing story...I am looking forward to the full production."

UK Theatre Network


Cycles of the Southern Wild

Tuesday 4 November 2014 - Saturday 8 November 2014
Post-show discussion:
Wednesday 5 November

In November 2012 Cat Gerrard began a journey across America, by bicycle. She soon learned that 2767 miles is not just a journey on a map: it’s a journey into our own depths.

Travelling across swamp and desert, stretched out and blown about by forces outside and in, she discovered how to stay still at full tilt. Join Cat and cyclist and percussionist Belinda Sherlock as they interclash and rhythmically mash storytelling and percussion, using only their voices, bodies and bicycles.

"Cat Gerrard has taken the art of the personal narrative to a new dimension in Cycles of the Southern Wild, it is woven cleverly into fragments of myth and folklore; Gerrard steps gracefully between them all. Her touch is light and her presence is captivating. She invites us as audience to go with her, and it is easy to say yes".

~ Clare Muireann Murphy, Storyteller


"Our hero weaves in creation myths and folk tales elegantly, in an almost Neil Gaimanesque fashion" ★★★★

Views From The Gods

Cat Gerrard
Belinda Sherlock

Supported by


The Lonely Room

Photograph by Kasia Rucinska & Andrzej Strzalowski

Wednesday 29 October 2014 - Friday 31 October 2014

Time has stopped.

They wait.
And wait…
and wait ...
and wait.

They wait, surrounded by nothingness and the empty loneliness of their existence. Occasionally, they catch a glimpse of hopeful change and move beyond their fears. But as quickly as it comes, it goes...

The Lonely Room is an enchanting mime duet by Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram telling the story of two women trapped in the in-between of life. This story is inspired by our inner passive dreamers. We all know them: they articulate their desires, but take no real action towards fulfilling their imagined adventures. Through the language of corporeal mime and dance set to an atmospheric score, the duo create a timeless world of fears, anxieties, dreams and - most importantly - hope.

The Lonely Room is presented as is a work-in-progress. Eloise and Flavia intend to take it to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 and showcase the project internationally.

There will be a chance for questions and answers after the show.


"The Lonely Room held a mystical and entrancing spell throughout the entirety of it, combing the art of mime, music, the expressional range of the face and body all with nothing more than two bodies and seven chairs"

Dulwich on View

Devising cast
Flavia Bertram
Devising cast
Eloise Carles
Michael Neo

Supported by

  • Arts Council England

A Double Bill of New Works- in-Progress

by Unstable Table

Tuesday 21 October 2014 - Saturday 25 October 2014
Post-show discussion:
Wednesday 22 October

Lone Rangers

One female human discovers she is not alone.

So does the other.

Physical comedy Lone Rangers combines clowning, monsters and a lifetime supply of shaving equipment. How will our heroines survive the first chapter of their perilous adventure?

One for Sorrow

Keith has been awake for six days. He will do just about anything to avoid sleeping. He’s been talking to his grandmother, even though she’s dead, and now he wants to talk to us.

One for Sorrow is a darkly comic audience with a man confronting his lifelong nightmares.


"The short plays, both only 45 minutes long and riveting in aspect, are well-suited to the small, comfortable space of the Blue Elephant... I do not doubt, though, they will soon have to acclimate to much larger stages"

Dulwich on View


Anna Nguyen at Blue Elephant Theatre

Friday 10 October 2014 - Saturday 25 October 2014

These paintings are part of Anna’s current theatre show A Dream from a Bombshell which explores the Vietnamese diaspora and the struggles between first and second generation Vietnamese.

Anna embarked upon her journey, looking back at her history and heritage, including the Vietnam war, after witnessing a devastating cycle of anger and aggression that devoured her family. These works came about to heal and unify her family.

Anna Nguyen is a British Vietnamese artist and theatre director and co-founder of Trikhon Theatre. To find out more about her show visit

The exhibition can be seen before and after dates where there is a show, typically Tuesday to Saturday, but please check in advance. Appointments to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday, must be made prior to visiting as we cannot guarantee access to the space on a walk in basis.


SEA ArtsFest Scratch

Friday 17 October 2014

SEA ArtsFest is the first Southeast Asian arts festival in the UK, championing and developing the work of the artists of Southeast Asia and those inspired by Southeast Asia. SEA ArtsFest brings together artists, practitioners, makers and thinkers to increase awareness of SEA Arts and its audience base.

The SEA ArtsFest Scratch is a new platform introduced this year by the SEA ArtsFest to provide a platform for new work inspired by Southeast Asia or by emerging Southeast Asian artists. The Scratch looks to showcase new works in progress and support them to develop further.


A Night of Black History

by Vice Voices UK

Saturday 11 October 2014

A Night of Black History is a multi-performance night that allows talented and positive young people to embrace their amazing gifts and individualism to inspire others.

Through the eyes of a young boy, we explore and celebrate black history with a wide variety of performing acts. They will perform artistic pieces inspired by their own knowledge and perception of black history.

Come on down and celebrate Black History Month with Vice Voices UK and Blue Elephant Theatre. This is definitely a night not to be missed.


In Transit

by Artichoke Theatre
Image by Tom Wichelow

Thursday 2 October 2014 - Friday 10 October 2014

In Transit is a voyage through the mind of Ella, who has lost all perception of where and who she is. Desperate to re-learn her past, she brings us into a world full of strange characters where she will unlock the secrets of her broken mind and confront the hardest moment of her life.

One hour. One actor. 27 characters. A highly physical one-woman show accompanied by original live music, In Transit is a tragicomical tale which captures moments of sheer beauty alongside nuggets of sweet and well-observed humour.

First Runner-up, Best International show Brighton Fringe 2013.


“The standing ovation was well deserved. A triumph for all concerned” *****

The Latest

“…probably the best physical theatre you will see at this year's Fringe. It's worth seeing for the astonishing performance of Florence Leon.” ****

Fringe Review

"She has you captivated from the moment she sets foot on stage...I left awe-filled"

Female Arts

Devised, co-directed and performed by
Florence Leon
Co – director
Graham Shackell
Original live music & double bass
Rhys Lovell
Production and PR
Solange Leon
William Calderbank

Trunkated Scratch Night @ Elefest

Programmed by Blue Elephant Theatre
Performed at Southwark Playhouse

Friday 3 October 2014

As part of Elefest the Blue Elephant comes to Southwark Playhouse with a scratch night of new works-in-progress. An evening of bite-sized entertainment featuring extracts of new writing, physical theatre, comedy and much more!

Elefest (2-5 October 2014) is Elephant and Castle’s Festival. It is a celebration of the best known but misunderstood parts of London. Elefest is now in its 11th year, and the area is once again on the verge of massive change. Elefest programme celebrates the past, present and future of the Elephant and Castle. It mixes home grown with national and international talent and some that are in between… Find out more

For tickets, please visit the Southwark Playhouse website through the hyperlink at the top of the page or call 020 7407 0234 for the Southwark Playhouse Box Office.

Please note: This performance of Trunkated will be taking place at Southwark Playhouse and not Blue Elephant Theatre. The space that Trunkated is playing in is on the first floor of Southwark Playhouse and, unfortunately, owing to the nature of the building, is not accessible by wheelchair users.

Lone Rangers and One for Sorrow by Unstable Table

Unstable Table is a new company who aim to bridge the gap between comedy and tragedy. They will be producing a double bill of new works-in-progress at Blue Elephant Theatre from 21st to 25th October.

Lone Rangers

One female human discovers she is not alone. So does the other.
Physical comedy Lone Rangers combines clowning, monsters and a lifetime supply of shaving equipment. How will our heroines survive the first chapter of their perilous adventure?

Director: James Ivens
Devising Cast: Janet Etuk & Lily Levin

One for Sorrow

Keith has been awake for six days. He will do just about anything to avoid sleeping. He’s been talking to his grandmother, even though she’s dead, and now he wants to talk to us. One for Sorrow is a darkly comic audience with a man confronting his lifelong nightmares.

Writer: James Ernest
Director: Lily Levin
Assistant Director: Janet Etuk
Cast: Richard Foster-King

The Lonely Room

Flavia Bertram is showing an excerpt from a mime piece she is currently devising in collaboration with Eloise Carles and composer Mike Neo. The Lonely Room tells the story of two women trapped in the in-between of life and is inspired by our inner passive dreamers.

The Lonely Room is playing at Blue Elephant Theatre from October 29th to 31st with a Q&A after each performance.

Bygone by Caligula's Alibi

Tynan and Brandy coexist within the walls of a crumbling mansion – with only tinned pineapple and the odd animal visitor to entertain them. Day by day they act out each other's bygone memories in a desperate bid to recall what is lost and revel in the hell of it all, until one day an unexpected visitor tumbles through their door…Bygone is not concerned with now. Its about what's next.

Director - Will Cowell
Writer - Jonnie Bayfield
Brandy - Stewart Agnew
Tynan - Jonnie Bayfield

Hold Music

'Hold Music' follows technical support worker Helen through a difficult afternoon. Listening to one half of her phone conversations, we hear fragments of pleas, reminders and threats, and meet the people in her life through only her interactions with them. 'Hold Music' is a monologue that Helen does not mean to give, in the place where she is least herself.

Hold Music is the first collaboration between director Grace Gibson, writer Jack Nicholls and actor Emma Lawson.

Frieda Love

Frieda Love

Frieda Love is the alter ego of actress and musician Rebecca Kenny, exploring the world through performance art, cabaret clowning and guerrilla burlesque.

Please join Frieda tonight for:

A Dancing Heart
A Singing Fondant Fancy
A Superhero of Love

twitter: @frieda_love

Choreographer, sound editor and creative coach: Nina Von Der Werth

Supported by

  • Elefest