Matt Ran the London Marathon!

Our Trustee Matt ran the London Marathon on April 23rd in just 4 hours and six minutes! We're very proud of him - especially as battled a dodgy achilles tendon and was left with a plate in his shoulder after a bike accident less than a year ago. We're also very grateful as he's raising money to keep the Blue Elephant open and going strong as we struggle to fundraise for the coming year.

Help us continue to support emerging artists, offer engaging theatre to our local communities and provide creative opportunities for 1600 young people a year by making a donation here

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Charity number: 1077161

Company number: 3724349

"The wonderful Blue Elephant Theatre"Joanna Lumley (Patron)
"Thinking big for a little venue"Time Out
"This quirky oasis of a theatre is a charming hidden gem in South London."Everything Theatre
"Camberwell's coolest venue"The Guardian
"Fringe theatre at its finest"Views from the Gods


Next show: Tit for Tat

Thursday 29 June - Friday 30 June
Online booking (incurs 10% booking fee)

To avoid the online booking fee please ring the box office on 020 7701 0100

Following the success of Female Intuition, Original Impact returns to the Blue Elephant to showcase more works of new writing.

Original Impact proves what is possible with a strong cast and some directorial creativity” Culturised on Original Impact’s Twelfth Night

The Watch

written by Will Langley
directed by Amelia O'Loughlin

'The Watch' is a symbol of the beginning of the end. You are going to see the beginning of a full-length play. Set in one room in a council flat on an estate in West London, 'The Watch' is a post-Brexit, post-Trump apocalyptic, not-so-far-stretched imagining of the future. The play tells the story of a group of people stuck in a very bad situation.
Having broken the law in several ways, and started a riot on rival estate, Queensmead; how will the Wyndham crew cope with the pressure? Will they stay true to The Watch?

The Empty Space

written by Alexandria Turner
directed by Joshua Jewkes

Is it worth it worth it? Being an actor? The gruelling audition process. The hours of unpaid work. The emotional strain. The inconsistency of work. The pretending. How do we really feel when we enter The Empty Space?


written by Kieron Tufft
directed by Alexandria Anfield

Shark examines trauma and fears within the confines of love. Spanning several years the play invites you to examine how the characters change with the tide of the modern world, and the people they become while trying to make their love work.

Dorian Grey

written by Niamh Headley-Vaugh
directed by Louis Labovitch

An adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" we start in 90's London and end in modern day following Dorian's journey from a vulnerable and damaged sweet boy into what some would describe as a monster through the means of extreme romanticism, manipulation and hedonism.

Two of a Kind

written by Elizabeth Bryant
directed by Sean Hollands

'Why does there have to be two of everything?'
Society has conditioned us to need someone or something else to make us whole.
A Pair.
But what happens when we lose the other half?

Any and All

written by Louis Labovitch
directed by Elizabeth Bryant

These Four Walls

written by Amelia O'Loughlin
directed by Samuel Dunstan

These Four Walls is a timely and provocative tale of a young woman, Jess, living on the streets of London. As we follow in Jess' footsteps, touching on themes of loss, memory and security, it seems that Jess has lost everything, but in doing so, she may just have stumbled upon something out of the ordinary.

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Coming soon: Escape 2

by LCP Dance Theatre

Friday 7 July - Sunday 9 July
Online booking (incurs 10% booking fee)

To avoid the online booking fee please ring the box office on 020 7701 0100

LCP Dance Theatre invites their audiences on a journey of awareness of what’s going on in the world.

Escape 2 follows on from 2016’s Escape, recreating and re-telling the emotional journey of a refugee using innovative aerial dance and multimedia, against a stirring soundscape by Stefano Guzzetti. Fusing pole and silks performance with dance theatre, Escape 2 explores the impact of a new environment on a refugee, who must face social, political and psychological challenges in order to integrate with a new society.

Award winning LCP Dance Theatre draws awareness to human rights violations through dance and has been nominated twice at the Edinburgh Fringe for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award.`

Praise for LCP Dance Theatre's previous work:

“Modern, moving, muscular & magnificent” The Mumble Dance (Escape)

“A compelling dance performance dealing with highly relevant issues” UK Theatre Network (Escape)

“LCP Dance Theatre offered something extraordinary” ★★★★ Female Art (I Am)

LCP Dance Theatre are raising money to bring Escape2 to Edinburgh this year. You can support them here.

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