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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging


Presented by Wooden Arrow

Tuesday 21 May - Saturday 25 May

In a city experiencing a three month heatwave, England's best World Cup since the 90s and the highest number of knife-crime killings in ten years, we focus on Michael, a young black male who has just finished his first year of college. The summer is about football, video games and parties - and pretending results day isn't looming. One night will change that, and leave Michael wondering what justice is if the system can't provide it...

A new play about knife crime and being young in today's London, inspired by true events.

Wooden Arrow is a production company that creates work with the purpose of bringing exposure to unseen perspectives. They focus on creating work for young, emerging and ambitious artists of all kinds and connecting people across an ever growing network of creatives. They create theatre and film, host workshops and play readings, and provide services including headshots and showreels.

The 5pm performance on Thursday 23rd will be a relaxed performance.

Justice is recommended for ages 14+ (swearing, references to violence)

Please note that smoke affects are used in Justice

Writer and Director
Rees Jenkins
Associate Director
Romy Foster
Movement Director
Kieton Saunders-Browne



Wednesday 15 May

Trunkated is Blue Elephant’s Long-running scratch night of new works-in-progress. Join us for extracts of new writing, physical theatre, comedy and much more, brought to you by up and coming artists.

Tickets are free but do book your place in advance to guarantee a seat.

Trunkated is recommended for ages 15+

There Is No Authority But Yourself

His name is Steve Ignorant. You probably haven't heard of him. He was in a band called Crass. You probably haven't heard of them. Their music was a mess but their message was clear. There Is No Authority But Yourself.

There is No Authority But Yourself is a monologue with live musical accompaniment about the highly influential Essex punk band Crass. The monologue follows the story of Crass front man and co-founder Steve Ignorant. Steve grew up in Dagenham in the late 70s wishing he was somewhere else. His interests in poetry and politics brought him into conflict with authority figures and his bewildered parents. One Clash gig and a chance meeting with an ageing hippy later inspired him to become a singer in the loosest sense of the word.

This piece tells the story of how a young man from the most ordinary place was able to find freedom in self-expression. Who through music and writing was able to find his place in the world and sense of belonging. That ultimately there is no authority but yourself.

Presented by Further Theatre
Writer/Performer: Oliver Yellop
Musician/Composer: Benji Hooper


We’re all in a relationship with food…and it’s complicated.

Worst Absurd blends dance, physical comedy, and a whole lot of kale, in a satirical exploration of our obsession with the F word. Witness this century’s great love affair and gorge on a theatrical feast of everything “delicious”.

Presented by Worst Absurd: A collection of clowns and one very dazed producer, we explore contemporary absurdities through a blend of dance, comedy and object theatre. We make relevant and accessible work that engages its audience in contemporary social discussions through a collage of witty gestural choreography, clown and eclectic soundtracks. We place importance on entertaining and uplifting our audience as well as provoking how they think about current issues and conversations.


Two Caterpillars are trapped. In the aftermath of a doomsday cult, we witness a moment in time of siblings, Grace and Charlie. Having spent most of their lives in the ‘Seven Lanterns Commune’ it because clear that their past is not easy to move on from. Stay in the cocoon or flourish as a butterfly? It seems that Charlie and Grace may be trapped in the grasp of David, ‘Seven Lanterns’ Founder, for longer than expected.

Presented by Gut&Conflict Theatre Company

Grace-Amy Becket
Charlie-Michael Shon
David- Tim Renouf
Mike-James Minett

Music-Michael Humphreys
Writer/Producer/Director-Joshua Ashley

The Birds

Set in modern London, The Birds looks at our relationship to space and beauty. What are the compromises we make to live in this vast, polluted city. Even if you know what you want, how you want things to change, it’s another thing to get people to listen.

Josie Mitchell has directed new writing and devised work in Oxford, London and the Edinburgh Fringe. This is her first piece of writing.

Performed by Amelia Sparling.
Image Credit: Riana Patel


Our narrator is walking home alone at night. They've just finished the graveyard shift and they're hankering after some toast. But then they see the pool of blood on the pavement... The crater steadily eating the side of that old man's head... And despite every bone in their body screaming at them to do otherwise, they stop. And they make a decision to help.
What follows changes both of them in ways neither ever expected.

Written by Luke Stapleton
Performed by Helen Jessica Liggat

West bank off the Thames by Jenan Younis

Jenan’s comedy has been described as a slap in the face. Don’t sit within arm’s reach.

“Sharp, hip, smart comedian – not to be missed!! The List
“Unique perspective” Chortle
BBC New comedy award nominee 2018
99 comedy club finalist 2018
South East comedian of the year finalist 2018



Presented by Contents May Differ Theatre

Friday 5 April - Sunday 7 April


[teth -er]


1: to fasten or confine (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.

2:Digital Technology. to use (an electronic device, usually a smartphone or tablet) to enable a wireless Internetconnection on another nearby device, often a laptop.

When she becomes bedbound, Alice is faced with the realisation of how much of her identity is made up from her love of dance. By chance a virtual reality headset finds its way into her hands, and she is presented with a unique opportunity to reconnect with what she holds most true to herself.

How much of your identity is determined by your physical body, the way you express yourself through movement and gestures? What if that body, which you inhabit, no longer obeys your wants and needs?

Virtual reality is being developed at an astonishing rate and companies are racing against each other to create the most advanced and immersive experience. When we are presented with new technology, our culture and way of life is often left behind and struggles to catch up. What everyone can agree on is that VR is ground-breaking; they’re just not sure how.

Combining live music, physical theatre and realism, Tethered crosses between the virtual and real to question how technology can shape and transform your sense of self.

This is the first staging of Tethered, the debut play of Contents May Differ.


The Wolf Inside Me


Tuesday 26 March - Friday 29 March

A boy experiences the loss of his mother. Instead of speaking about it, he picks up a guitar. A girl experiences the loss of her father. She wants to speak about it – but can’t find the words.

A play with sound and music, The Wolf Inside Me speaks to us of finding our own way through grief and sadness. Rooted in South East London and seen through the eyes of teenagers, it’s a captivating and creative reframing of loss and hope.

The Wolf Inside Me has been commissioned by Blue Elephant Theatre’s Youth Board members. It was created by Sepy Baghaei in response to a brief set by young participants and then chosen for research and development at the Blue Elephant after participants met shortlisted applicants.

The Wolf Inside Me is presented as a work-in-progress performance.

Sepy Baghaei
Elizabeth Schenk & Sean Stevenson
Grace Chapman

Supported by


Fairytale Mash


Thursday 28 March

All Soli wants is a bit of peace and quiet so he heads to the library. There he discovers a thousand new worlds as fairytales come to life around him.

Join the Blue Elephant Storytellers for an interactive session which introduces children to fairytale favourites from Cinderella to Aladdin.

This is a FREE event but please book ahead to guarantee your place.


UAL Studio, Third Floor, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, New Kent Rd, SE1 6TE

28th March at 1.45pm and 4.15pm

Please note Fairytale Mash is NOT at Blue Elephant Theatre

Supported by


Just Like Me

Presented by Blue Elephant Theatre

Friday 22 March

On first glance, we can seem so different from one another, but look a little closer and you’ll find we all have something in common.

Narissa the rabbit is new to the field and all the other rabbits are busy doing their rabbit things. So, Narissa sets off to find a friend. Everyone seems so very different to her. Freddy the frog, Astrid the Ant and Burton the bee don’t seem anything like a rabbit. But can they really be that different from her? Finding things in common and building unlikely friendships, interactive storytelling and vibrant characters combine in this fun, FREE, family event.

Please note these showings are at venues near Elephant and Castle and not at the Blue Elephant. The event is free but booking is encouraged to reserve your space. You can book via Tickets Ignite here

Golazio, 59 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0EZ
Friday March 8th at 12.30pm and 2pm

UAL Studio, Third Floor, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, New Kent Rd, SE1 6TE
Friday March 22nd at 10am and 12pm

Supported by


It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl

Rachel Creeger
With support from Philip Simon

Tuesday 19 March

With a face that shouts "Xmas" but a soul that screams "Chanukah", Rachel Creeger has always felt like she has a foot in two worlds. Winner of the Best Comedy Award at the Greater Manchester Fringe 2017, It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl enjoyed a sell-out debut Edinburgh Festival Fringe run in 2017, a successful UK tour in 2018 and triumphant return to the Fringe. It is a solo stand up comedy show from the writer of An Insomniac's Guide To Ambulances about rebellion and the drive to fit in, with a bit about being a pop star.

Rachel Creeger is the only orthodox Jewish comic on the UK circuit and resident compere of Comedy Upstairs at the Adam & Eve. She’s also an award winning comedian, director and writer, with credits including West End and touring shows. As heard on BBC Radio London and BBC 3CR, Rachel was a script associate on Radio 4 sketch comedy 2525.

Support act: Philip Simon (BBC Comedy Award Nominee, writer for BBC TV and Radio, winner of UK Jewish Comedian of the Year)


''Creeger is never anything less than truly fascinating''

View From The Gods

'Very very funny'

The Jewish Chronicle




Friday 15 March - Saturday 16 March

Humans are creatures of habit.

A new year begins and Soho Square sees a host of colourful characters spend their lunch breaks on the same two benches.

From Whitney's predilection for shoes to the solace Derek finds in adult images, they all have habits which could turn into addiction.

As winter turns to spring, watch the people you see every day around London make and break habits.

Lunchbreaks is a Black comedy by Brian Beaton, a member of Blue Elephant's Writers' Group. It is the first play workshopped at the Writers' Group to be presented publicly at the Blue Elephant. Brian is the Director of Humor of Sense, which promotes Confidence, Performance and Resilience through theatre, film, music and workshops. Humor of Sense recently created the multi-media event ‘What Makes You Laugh?’ held at The House of St. Barnabas, Soho.


The Adventures of Sam Swallow

Written by Helga Cronje

Sunday 10 March - Monday 11 March

Through shadow puppetry and storytelling we are magically transported on the annual migration of a young lesser striped swallow Sam. Her world is irrevocably changed when she looses her mother over Lagos, Nigeria and she is left to navigate the world alone. Along the way she meets many friends who help her find her way home and who all share their stories of their changing environments due to climate change.

The Adventures of Sam Swallow is a poignant play with a message, to young and old alike, that we must protect and care for our environment, and the creatures that inhabit it.

This educational, but ultimately hopeful story is brought to life through physical theatre and shadow puppetry.

The Adventures of Sam Swallow is suitable for all ages but ideal for ages 6 - 10.

Tickets are available for:

Sunday 10th March at 14:00 & 16:30
Monday 11th March at 10:45 & 13:30

Many thanks to Oliver Stephens , whose knowledge and help has been greatly appreciated in creating the show and Rubba Abboud for funding the initial phases of the play.


It’s a positive, uplifting show with real heart, and an important message about climate change, having respect for nature, and preserving native species.

Primary Times



Friday 8 March - Saturday 9 March

What do we choose to share? How do we disguise our vulnerability?

Delving into human relationships, TRY|TRYING|TRIED is a captivating journey of two people who share meetings, smiles, and a desire to just be.

Created and performed by Shelley Owen and Josh Slater, this duet explores the places we have been, the conversations we have, and the vulnerability we feel. Constant choices are made about who and what we present, in what moment.

Shelley Owen is a performance artist, creating and touring dance and interdisciplinary work. A researcher with WHAT IIIF?, she also leads workshops focusing on instant composition and interdisciplinary performance practice.

Josh Slater is a contemporary dance artist, theatre maker and director of enCompass Collective. Creating and touring performance works, he is also Lecturer in Dance, Theatre & Performance at Plymouth Conservatoire.

Audience Feedback for TRY|TRYING|TRIED:

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience"
“Consummate performers relish in overt comedy, sensitivity and engaging storytelling”
“TRY|TRYING|TRIED reveals a series of emotive passages with a strong and captivating movement dialogue throughout the performance”

TRY|TRYING|TRIED by Shelley Owen & Josh Slater (trailer) from Shelley Owen on Vimeo.

Supported by


The Balancing Act


Tuesday 5 March

Join us at Blue Elephant Theatre in supporting emerging talent and to celebrate the achievements of Women Internationally. The Balancing Act will be a night of brand new works in progress, diversity and acts that will leave you wanting to take action against gender inequality! #balanceforbetter

You can book tickets via this link:

Traces, Threads and Surfaces

The newly formed ReRooted Dance Collective present a series of excerpts informed by three distinct Indian classical dance forms (bharatanatyam, odissi and kathak) from their upcoming evening of original work, inspired by the nature of lines as contextualised by Professor of Anthropology, Tim Ingolds' article, 'Transformation of the Line: Traces, Threads and Surfaces'.

These excerpts form part of six solos that will be presented at The Bhavan on April 5th.

Devising a novel collaborative approach, the UK-based dancers, Shivaangee Agrawal, Swati Seshadri (bharatanatyam), Elena Catalano, Pallavi Vijay (odissi), Meera Patel and Parbati Chaudhury (kathak), acknowledge their connections to a rich dance heritage as they carve out an independent space nurturing exploration and excellence in the creation of original work.

ReRooted Dance Collective would like to thank Arts Council England and The Bhavan for believing in them.

11.10.18 by Ells Mac

Ells Mac is a frank, funny and relatable woman who hails from North London. She has a definite ‘edge’ to her, and this edge translates into her authentic and heartfelt lyrics to create a sound she likes to call Soulful Stress.

11.10.18 is her first official single. She says "it explains a relationship I was once in. Explains the emotions I went through and decisions I had to make. Many females go through this, and I decided to write about it."

Age guidance: 18+

Embracing Shadows

Embracing Shadows is a one woman show by Beatrice Mori which is divided into two parts: the first one is a conceptual deep journey that explores and analyses the relationship between our true self, the one not influenced by society, and the negative voices that often try to diminish our light by whispering things like “You’re not enough” “Just give up” “You can’t make it” etc.

Embracing Shadows focuses on how to face such negativity in the best way possible, through the powerful and cathartic function of art. For this reason, the second part of the show is dedicated to a conceptual photography/painting exhibition from visual creatives who, thanks to their artistic effort, overcame their own darkness. Shadows can be the keys to open the door for our brightest light. Sometimes it’s all about changing perspective.

Created and performed by Beatrice Mori
Live music by Alex Carli

Artistic works projected during the performance by:
Thomas Sloan Drawer and Cartoonist
Ylenia Marghereci Photographer
Alessia Francesca Muoio Photographer
Valerie Traversa Painter


LEGS. A comedy about female legs. Where are they going? Where do they come from? What do they stand for? Come and find out. It’s deeply political and empowering to have fun with legs.

Written and performed by Julia Masli

Julia Masli is a London based actor and clown. Since graduating from Ecole Philippe Gaulier, she has performed a one-woman show, “Radiator” at Rooted Moon Festival and the Camden fringe. She has toured the country in a two hanger show, “White Feather Boxer” and regularly performed in the London Science Museum.

Balancing on the tight rope of stigma

"The Catwalk4power collective is a group of creative women formed by a community-building initiative, led by Positively UK women and Act Up London Women. We use workshops and performance to empower women living with HIV, to show we are amazing, strong and resilient. As we create together, we grow together and amplify the visibility of women, this combats the stigma we often encounter and increases awareness in our communities"

New material written and performed by Catwalk4Power
Age guidance: 18+


Nothing to Fear

Performed by Ben Ecclestone

Friday 1 March - Saturday 2 March

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.

Nothing to Fear is a collaboration between technology and the human voice. Throughout, Benjamin explores our relentless relationship with the internet and why taking ownership of our data is now more important than ever.

Part gig, part lecture, with a blend of beatboxing and experimental vocals Benjamin gives us an important lesson on the repercussions of how much we share online. Both willing and unwilling.


Lighting Designer
Edward Scragg
Alfred Ashby
Special thanks
Molly Hemsley
Ben Ecclestone (Sound Artist, Theatre Maker, Performer)

Supported by

  • Theatre Deli

Cow and Chicken: Careers Day


Friday 22 February - Monday 25 February

Cow and Chicken from Baa Humbug! return to talk to children about what they want to be when they grow up. Should they be pilots, doctors…or unicorns?

Please note these showings are at venues near Elephant and Castle and not at the Blue Elephant.

Golazio, 59 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0EZ
Friday Feb 22nd at 3pm & 4.30pm

Moving Pictures Cinema, Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR
Saturday Feb 23rd at 11.15am & 2.15pm

UAL Studio, Third Floor, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, New Kent Rd, SE1 6TE
Monday Feb 25th at 3.45pm & 5pm

Tickets are FREE but advance booking is advised to guarantee your space. Tickets can be booked here

Supported by


A Right Mess of a Fundraiser


Friday 1 February

Forget dull, dreary February days...

Right Mess Theatre are here to bring you an evening of Cabaret splendour as they raise funds to bring their new show Alcatraz to New Horizon Youth Centre for homeless young people. You can find out more about New Horizon and the work they do here.

The line up includes Elf Lyons, Hannah Maxwell, Kayla MacQuarrie, Emily Howarth, Ema Boswood & Ellie Westbrook.

Alcatraz by Nathan Lucky Wood is a thrilling play about family and social care that follows Sandy on her daring, Christmas mission to emulate Clint Eastwood and bust her gran out of lock-up. It will premiere at the Vault Festival 2019.


Baa Humbug


Saturday 8 December 2018 - Saturday 15 December 2018

I don't need friends. I don't want friends. I'm perfectly fine all by myself, thank you very much.

Join a rambunctious group of farm animals on Christmas Eve as they celebrate the holiday season. The only problem is Humbug the Sheep won't join in. Humbug thinks it's a waste of time to have friends and play their silly games. But Humbug isn’t happy...

With the help of a wise old Farmer, a time-travelling tractor and a little bit of Christmas magic, Humbug the Sheep comes to see how important it is to have friends and to feel happy about new experiences.

Baa Humbug will captivate and entertain children aged 4+and their adults. As they join Humbug's journey of self-discovery, the audience will learn about recognising difficult emotions and how to react positively to them. Blue Elephant Theatre’s endearing and funny show encourages children and adults alike to celebrate the power of friendship, whilst singing, playing and having lots of fun.

Praise for previous Blue Elephant Theatre Family Shows:

“A first class production and I can’t imagine anybody leaving this show without a big smile plastered across his or her face.” A Younger Theatre on Noah’s Ark

“My four-year-old son and I loved this show. It was very sweet, yet never mawkish or overly childish, thanks to the writing and also to the dry wit of [the] narrator.” ★★★★ Female Arts on The Butterfly Lovers

The Christmas Magic hasn't ended for some of our farm animals. You can catch up with Cow and Chicken, who are still in the festive mood and insist on continuing their infamous dance routines well into the new year! Here they are performing' The Christmas'.


'Baa Humbug is a creative, thoughtful and uplifting new piece of writing that will cheer even the grumpiest of people'

Views from the gods

**** 'The cast of four is truly fantastic; they play their roles of farm animals and a farmer with ease. They talk to the audience, getting us involved in the play, they muck about and have us dancing and rolling with laughter, all while ensuring the important, somber message rings true.'

Curious Mum

'A true delight. Filled with exuberance and interaction, the production most definitely serves as a remarkable piece of children’s entertainment.'

Days with Darnell

Writer & Director
Jo Sadler-Lovett
Costume Designer
Jacqui Livingston
Lighting Designer
Stuart Glover
Alice Sillett, Mark Nicholson, Oliver Yellop and Jonathan James

Supported by