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Presented by Contents May Differ Theatre

Friday 5 April - Sunday 7 April
8:00 pm
Days of the week
Friday - Sunday
Ticket price
£8.00 (concessions)
£7.50 (southwark residents)
Online booking

To speak to the box office directly, please ring us on 020 7701 0100.


[teth -er]


1: to fasten or confine (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.

2:Digital Technology. to use (an electronic device, usually a smartphone or tablet) to enable a wireless Internet connection on another nearby device, often a laptop.

Crossing between the Virtual and the Real, Tethered follows Alice’s struggle with self-identity as her world degenerates around her.

This is the first staging of Tethered, the debut play of Contents May Differ which skilfully combines live music, physical theatre and moments of realism