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Turtle Dove

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Everyone loves a love story. Turtle Dove explores true tales of the sometimes bumpy, funny and sad journeys we take with our relationships. Made from interviews with people of all ages and sexualities, their voices are weaved into the musical soundtrack and their honesty and secrets are brought to life through dance and theatre. This duet is a heart-warming, candid and witty show that celebrates all forms of love and touches on life’s heartaches.

Devised in collaboration with leading composer Dougie Evans and script writer for the BBC Nick Walker, Turtle Dove is characterised by creative use of text, effortless physicality and its authenticity. Come and experience the stories of strangers who will soon feel like friends.

Produced in association with Lîla Dance.

“Love...appears in a memory recalled, in a shiver of anticipation, in energy and in space...Turtle Dove is genuinely heart-warming.”
Sanjoy Roy - Resolution! Review

“Performed so well, with great sincerity”
Wen Amanda Koh- Resolution! Review

Suitable for ages 14+

Turtle Dove Trailer from Amy Morvell on Vimeo.

Amy Morvell
Nick Walker
Dougie Evans
Lighting Design:
Vanessa Brooker
Costume Design:
Amy Morvell
Abi Mortimer
Consultancy & Mentorship:
Lou Rogers, Carrie Whitaker (R&D)
Research Dancers:
Amy Lyster, Abi Mortimer, Conor Fortune, KJ Mortimer
Prop Design:
Dawn Childs
Amy Morvell & Joe Darby

Supported by