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Waking up Suddenly

by Tess Berry-Hart

Tuesday 8 June 2004 - Saturday 26 June 2004
Supported by
Unity Theatre Trust

Family problems? Try some of these instead. Your father died. Your daughter hates you. Your mum's a liar. Your wife's divorcing you. Your ex-husband's suicidal. Your son's a blackmailing psychopath. And you're in love with the wrong person.

Uncle. Sister. Brother. Rival. Pervert. Martyr. Lover. Killer. How many roles can you juggle? What would you give to turn the clock back?

Directed by
Tess Berry-Hart
Jane Allighan, Alexis Dubus, Terry Jermyn, Julie Mayhew & Steve Rice


"A fresh and intriguing piece of work"