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A Tuttifrutti Cabaret: Little April Showers

Presented by Divabsurdity

Friday 6 April 2018

We are whispering to your left ear, tickling you with our petals:
"Don’t be upset about the rain. Spring is coming and we all are just about to bloom and it is going to be a revolution like every year. It is like they say: April showers bring May flowers."

After a successful Edinburgh Fringe festival 2017 and a monthly sold out cabaret nights, A Tuttifrutti Cabaret lands at the Blue Elephant Theatre with all-new exciting acts and fresh guests.

A monthly rendezvous with an all fierce female international cast. Featuring original material from the worlds of comedy, clown, circus and bouffon.

Expect a juicy, fruity cabaret you will never forget!

An ensemble of hilarious soul sisters who met few years ago in France at the École Philippe Gaulier and never left each others since then.
As independent performers, self-producers and lovers of strong female comedy they have joined forces for to birth an all female comedy cabaret, absurd and unapologetic.

Our April international ladies:

Monia Baldini, alias Nina Divina, is the artistic director of Divabsurdity and the hostesse maitress of A Tuttifrutti Cabaret.
She is a Gaulier trained clownesse and she has been a theatre writer and director for the past ten years in Italy where she is from.
She has moved to London a couple of years ago with her family and she is working on her own stuff, writing silly songs about snakes and working with amazing women. She is currently working with Lucia Bombilla in a new clown show called "Amazing scenes of legendary where snakes where (kind of) present".

Lucia is a basque clown Gaulier trained.
In A Tuttifrutti Cabaret she is Lucia Bombilla the irreplaceable assistant of Nina Divina, prop maker, costume designer and occasionally graphic designer. She loves motorbikes and perform silent clown pieces. She is currently living in London and working with Nina Divina in a new clown show called "Amazing scenes of legendary where snakes where (kind of) present".

Evie Fehilly is an actress and theatre maker from Birmingham, a graduate of theatre and clown at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, and, in the words of QX Magazine, "hilariously unhinged". Having honed her talents on the London cabaret scene, working with creators such as Caroline Horton, Ursula Martinez, Duckie and David Hoyle, Currently, Evie is working on a solo show about friendship and loneliness and was a founding member of Cabaret group Queerlective. Evie wants to make people laugh and make people (well, mainly herself) feel a little bit better about the world.

Irene Nerys is a dancer, actress and performer. Engaged in creating and exploring new choreographic and artistic patterns, her very atypical path brings her to discover and fuse the most diverses disciplines (stand up and contemporary dance, oriental dance and ballet, visual art/new media and clown,
Photography and vanguardist poetry etc..). She lives in Paris and believes in beautiful and cool stuff that makes ones happy for real.

Julia is Russian born in Estonia and based in London. Since graduating from Ecole Philippe Gaulier she has performed a one woman play "Radiator" written and directed by Madeleine Bye. The show played at Tristan Bates Theatre as part of The Camden Fringe 2016 ("brilliant" ** - gingerwigandstrollingman) She is a member of the comedy troupe "Sensitive Bricks" which has been described by Kate Copstick as "If you feel the need for a little crazy in your life...they would be the people to provide it." They have recently performed their show ‘’Late Night Nonsense - Variety Show’’ at Adelaide Fringe. (****1/2 - Adelaidian)

Shea Wojtus is an actress, creator and clown originally hailing from Canada. She is currently appearing in Somnai, a new site-specific immersive show in London. She can often be found at comedy nights in London performing weird new solo bits or sharing the stage with her clown partner Lulu. Shea tries let humour and lightness inform all of the work she creates.

TOP TEN MUST SEE CABARETS The List, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017
"…we were often surprised, things took different turns and there was plenty to enjoy and even be fascinated by…Plenty of comedy, cheeky one-liners, wit and a bit of rule-breaking – the ingredients of good, offbeat cabaret… left the audience clapping with delight …."
Paul Levy from Fringe Review

“It was amazing to spend five minutes in each one of your heads”
Tamara Astor, Actress

“I felt like I was sixteen again in the bedroom laughing with my girlfriends”
Francesco, an audience member