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Scratching The Surface

Presented by South Bank Collective

Thursday 1 September 2022

An evening of theatre, music, storytelling and comedy, presented by the recent LSBU graduates of South Bank Collective.


‘This is not for you’ / ‘Silence is the most deafening sound’ by Lilly Eve Kardani-Zadeh

Borders by Chi and Georgie

A fragmented, non-linear work-in-progress exploring borders - not just in the physical sense.

Heresy by Billy Rose Davis

Think the Greek Gods were real dicks? Want to see them getting their asses handed to them? By whom you might ask? Well, who else but themselves? In this comedy musical about hubris, power, and temptation, will the Gods of Olympus be able to hold onto their power or will they fall from grace…
The performance will include a few songs from the in-progress show, including “Heresy”, “The Apple”, “Grown-Ass Woman” and more…

It Takes Courage by Alicia Ellis

Addressing themes of life, obstacle and fulfillment, It Takes Courage is a truthful insight into humanity and the barriers we overcome throughout our lifetime. It Takes Courage is a play under development depicting a collection of stories that all can relate to. Audiences will recognise and learn that they are not alone in what they face, and that there is real fearlessness in unapologetically being you. The segment of It Takes Courage presented serves as the
opening for the play, setting the scene for the themes and stories to come. This will be presented through recorded audio and visual imagery as a gateway into the world of the play