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Created by EQ Dance Co.

Friday 7 October 2022

Sanctuary is a dance theatre production around the very theme of sanctuary itself. It explores what it means to search for it and/or maintain it. We explore what it means physically (places, and objects), mentally (inside our minds/the concept of self image), and spiritually (finding connections with other people).

This work was created as a response to Covid-19 and how everyone almost at once lost any kind of security - be it financially, emotionally, physically.
A story of individual journeys of re-building oneself and reconnecting to others, and our communities.

Please note the artists will be using a Polaroid camera during the show (with flash), sometimes aiming it at audience members. The resulting photos will be disposed of immediately after the show.

About EQ Dance Company

EQ Dance Co. is an exploratory company of dance artists, working in collaboration to create and deliver dance experiences with impact based in the UK.
Led by choreographer/creative David West, EQ Dance Co. connects freelance artists with dancers to explore and enliven creative ideas in and around subjects such as mental health and the human experience.

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