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by Cristina Teixeira

Wednesday 12 November 2003 - Saturday 29 November 2003

First there was reality TV. Now there's reality theatre. The question is, what is reality? When your appointment comes through for group therapy, you’re bound to feel a bit awkward at first. But at the friendly Acorn Therapy Group you'll meet Doctor Ralf & a whole host of fascinating characters. However, this proves to be no ordinary group therapy as events reach a nail-biting climax. But Doctor Ralf has got the situation well in hand … or has he?

Directed by
Cristina Teixeira
Dramaturgy and Script Edition by
Tess Berry-Hart
Maurice Gleeson, Maite Von Melle, Elliott James-Fisher, Francesca Wilde, Nick Danan, Antonio Ribeiro, Madelaine Moore & Yasmina Chirazi


"A brisk, loud and lively production, peppered with amusing gobbets of psychobabble"