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Patient Is A Verb

Devised by Burning Attic Theatre Company

Friday 16 September 2022 - Saturday 17 September 2022

Welcome to the waiting room to enter the realm of Transition*. You are the 11,174th player. Only 33 players have made it through Level One this month.

The waiting list to see the Gender Identity Clinic is now 5 years long. Patient for trans people is often an adjective and not a noun, the endurance of suffering without receiving treatment. Yet our systems primarily expect trans people to move through life as a patient – subjects to medical scrutiny and approval. What does a duration of 5 years really mean, and when does patience turn from virtue to verb?

Devised through drawing on lived experiences of interviewed participants and an all-trans team, Patient Is A Verb takes you on a journey navigating the healthcare system in the UK. It melds grim realities with the world of video games, searching for agency in waiting.

Please note this is a script-in-hand work in progress.

Devised by
Alex Sheppard (he/him), Andy Bodrenkov (they/them), Florian Lim (they/them), J Frank (he/they), Julian H (he/him), Lisa Maeda (they/them), Rae Harm (he/him)
Alex Sheppard, J Frank, Lisa Maeda
Florian Lim
Technical and Graphic Designer
Andy Bodrenkov
Theory and Dramaturgy
Julian H