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J7s Dance Company: An Evening with Giulia

Thursday 13 July 2017 - Friday 14 July 2017

J7s Dance Company is a professional dance company based in London. Founded by Italian choreographer Giulia Iurza, the company is particularly interested in the connection between mind and body. Striving to create pieces that psychologically push both dancers and audience, they begin by taking aspects from everyday life and use them as the stimulus to generate movement.

Join J7s at the Blue Elephant to share the journey the company takes in the studio to create their work. The night will feature pieces at different stages of their development, including Shikishin Funi, which premiered at The Place as part of Resolution, and their new work experimenting and collaborating with the composer Mau Loseto again. It will finish off with a Q&A session with Giulia Iurza.

“Iurza has a talent…and I cannot wait to see her next show. Truly one to watch.”
Sunday Express (Shikishin Funi)


“As a performance, it was immensely moving.”

The Spy in the Stalls