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Ironing Out

by Alleyway Radical Theatre

Sunday 23 June 2019 - Monday 24 June 2019

مسرحية عن الغربة والحي ... فيها شعر وغناء بالعربي والإنجليزي
What happens when you are forced to leave your home? Will you find community? Will you find peace or more struggle? What about those who didn’t make it across the sea? What about Ahmed? And those who came before us?

Ironing Out is a play centered around an Ironing Shop, a place where dreams & realities past, present and future collide. People from different walks of life come by searching for answers, looking for loved ones, or to sit listening to the news; reliving lost revolutions; ironing a school shirt or just hanging out.
However, the Ironing Shop stands in the way of the brutal regeneration machine that is eating up the city. No one knows how long the shop will last or how the community surrounding it will respond…

Ironing Out combines physical theatre, dance, shadow theatre, hip hop and poetry.

Based on real life experiences and wild imagination, it explores young migrants’ resilience in the shadow of mental health, exile, racism and displacement.

It has been created by Alleyway Radical Theatre, a collective of artists from Palestine, Hackney, Kashmir, Egypt, Spain, Japan and beyond.

Presented as part of Refugee Week

Abdulrahman, Amoon, Basel Zaraa, Jazzar, Lisa Maeda, Sara El Sheekh, Shamma, Steaz & Tasnim Mahdy

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