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Guncotton Creep & Mooncalf


Friday 9 November 2018

An Evening of New Writing!

Guncotton Creep

And that's where the film should end. Cut to black. Credits role. Except it doesn't. It doesn't end

Mark likes films. But where does fantasy end and reality begin? A darkly funny exploration of obsession, relationships and Lord of the Rings.

A monologue written and performed by Rowland Stirling


A monologue written and performed by Nell Barlow

(noun ARCHAIC)
mooncalf; plural noun: mooncalves
a foolish person.
a daydreamer.
a monstrous birth.

“Every nigh it’s the same. I don’t have any fingers”.

It’s after school hours and Moonie is hungry.

Moonie’s tummy aches and Mum isn’t there to fix it.

With a blend of magic, imagination and sheer determination can Moonie make sense of things?