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Grown Men Keep Breaking My Heart

Choreographed and performed by Kennedy Junior Muntanga and Joey Barton

Wednesday 25 January 2023 - Saturday 28 January 2023

Grown Men Keep Breaking My Heart is a short dance theatre piece that tells the story of two best friends who, after losing contact with one another as teenagers, choose to rekindle their relationship over an evening of partying and drinking. This meetup leads to an eventful evening of revisiting pivotal moments in their lives that shaped them into who they are, and within that shaped the actions and thoughts towards one another and the world.

The piece explores themes of youth, relationships, mental health, and social politics. It comments on the current climate young men grow up in without real leadership, and offers another perspective that is both meaningful and intimate, as well as a much needed platform for young men to access in order to heal, learn and progress.

Grown Men Keep Breaking My Heart mixes a range of styles the artists have trained in, such as Hip Hop, commercial, Kathak, and explores them under the umbrella of contemporary dance.

Supported by

  • Frances Prenn, Alexis Prenn, David Cazalet, Lucia Fortune-Ely, Rambert School, Corey Baker Dance