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ERECT - 42 minutes plus shipping

presented by Wafer Thin Theatre

Friday 10 March 2023 - Saturday 11 March 2023

Two young men make their first steps into the world of manual labour, and begin to face the demons it brings out in them.

ERECT is about friendship and hardship. Using song and dance to show what can't be said, and beer and sarcasm to say it another way, it highlights the pitfalls of putting on brave face for too long.

Devised by new company Wafer-Thin Theatre, ERECT focuses on masculinity, particularly male insecurities, and their ability to disrupt communication. It is a calling to the wonderful personalities within that get wrapped and packaged, stapled up and shipped away by a society unwilling to hear them.

About Wafer-Thin Theatre

Wafer-Thin Theatre is an emerging company run by Ty Nicholls and George Wait. They focus on devising original theatre, drawing from the techniques of a variety of European theatre practitioners and implementing elements of both naturalism and surrealism. Their work thus far has had a particular focus on men’s mental health, with a vision to uplift and inspire young men.

Sound design
Jack Wait / Quarry Studios
Stage Management
Jack Elston
Ishbel McMurtrie
Deviser / performer
Ty Nicholls
Deviser / performer
George Wait
Michael O'Reilly