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Elephantology Festival


Wednesday 22 February 2023 - Saturday 25 February 2023

Elephantology is Blue Elephant Theatre’s Festival for recent graduates and those who are just entering the performing arts industry.
Starting off with an evening of solo performances showcasing 8 talented graduates, we will present three double bills of brand-new début shows.


Wednesday 22 February, 7:30pm - Solo Performance Showcase

Thursday 23 February, 7pm - Violent Circumstances
Thursday 23 February, 8:30pm - Hummingbird (SOLD OUT)

Friday 24 February, 5pm - Hummingbird (SOLD OUT)
Friday 24 February, 7pm - Tiny Babies
Friday 24 February, 8:30pm - Violent Circumstances (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 25 February, 7pm - Hummingbird (SOLD OUT)
Saturday 25 February, 8:30pm - Tiny Babies


Come along to Elephantology Festival's opening event and discover the fresh talent of tomorrow!

We've invited nine recent graduates to showcase 10 minutes of work in progress of any genre, including monologues, comedy, dance, and spoken word. The artists in our line-up represent Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Trinity Laban, The Free Association, University of Chichester and more!


• Axel Kengne - monologue
• Crystal Turner-Brightman - monologue
• Sammy Trotman - comedy monologue
• Mandy Tan & Malachi Briant - dance duet
• Jodie Stone - movement
• Ada Cotton - duologue
• Genevieve Labuschagne - monologue
More TBA


by Susannah Cann and Molly O'Donnell

Thursday 23 February, 7pm
Friday 24 February, 8:30pm

Written in response to the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, Violent Circumstances explores five young women's stories of everyday events that quickly turn into exhausting, humiliating and terrifying and fatal experiences.

This unfiltered, angry and darkly comic piece exposes the unknown and ignored experiences of women's everyday struggles with harassment, sexism and violence.

Creative team

Written and directed by Susannah Cann and Molly O’Donnell
Performed by Catherine Thomas, Phoebe Shepherd, Susannah Cann, Annabel Lisk
Movement Director: Annabel Lisk

About Active B!tch Face Theatre

Active B!tch Face Theatre is a new female-led company founded by Rose Bruford graduates Susannah Cann and Molly O’Donnell. Their main idea and drive is to create theatre with women's lives and issues at the centre of the work, whilst also having women sitting in the big decision-making roles in the creative team.


by Ilayda McIntosh

Thursday 23 February, 8:30pm (SOLD OUT)
Friday 24 February, 5pm
Saturday 25 February, 7pm (SOLD OUT)

“Belonging? Simply a longing to be… right? Just be.”

Ella dreams of homecoming, Lloyd yearns for his beloved and their children confront their vulnerabilities.

When Ella’s world is torn apart by the Home Office’s ‘hostile environment’ policy, her loved and lost ones attempt to piece it back together.

Hummingbird is a thought-provoking and poignant new play, exploring the ways in which belonging is found in unfamiliar homes. Hummingbird touches on the complexity of British identity and the way migrant communities find a place within them.

Written by Ilayda McIntosh, associate artist at Nouveau Riche and participant of TALAWA’s debut writers group, Hummingbird challenges and blends theatrical form through dub-poetry, music and poetic verse. Based on real-lived experiences.


by Sally MacAlister

Friday 24 February, 7pm
Saturday 25 February, 8:30pm

"I’m going to chew my food before I swallow. I’m going to drink a glass of water in between every single glass of wine. And I’m going to let you tell him."

Rona and Sophie are twins. They are one organ. They share a brain. But there are certain things they don’t see eye to eye on.
Rona wants to fight. Sophie wants to forget.

When Sophie’s partner comes to dinner, Rona needs to make a call: allow her sister the life she’s always wanted, or unearth a family secret, long-hidden before the two were even whispers of people.

Tiny Babies is a raw and unflinching dark comedy, exploring inherited trauma in bodies that weren’t there, but still feel it.

Supported by

  • Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust