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Charity number: 1077161

Company number: 3724349


The Dance Hall


Wednesday 1 November - Thursday 2 November
8:00 pm

Matinee at 4.30pm on Wednesday 1st November
Days of the week
Wednesday and Thursday
Ticket price
£6.50 (concessions)
£6.00 (southwark residents)
£6 (Matinee Full Price Ticket)
£5 (Matinee Concession & Southwark Resident Ticket)
Online booking (incurs 10% booking fee)

To avoid the online booking fee please ring the box office on 020 7701 0100

An intimate story about an Irish family living in England, The Dance Hall touches on themes of immigration, loss, loneliness, family and, most importantly, (in)dependence.

After Annie dies far too young, Jimmy struggles with getting older, particularly with losing his independence. His family ‘tries to visit’ when their lives allow and we delve into Jimmy’s relationships with his daughter and granddaughter, tracking their attempts to support him as best they can. We learn about Jimmy's journey from Ireland, how he met his beloved Annie in the dance hall, and the loneliness of his life without her.

Eve Niker