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Blue Elephant Birthday Celebrations - Day 5

Date published
Friday 5 June 2020

We asked Jasmine Cullingford, the second Artistic Director of the Blue Elephant, to say a few words about her time there and particularly about her programming.

There are some wonderful memories here and also great insight into the workings of a very small theatre.

Have a watch and see if you remember any of the shows!

We also shared pictures from our in-house shows since Jasmine started programming, through to The Christmas Quest in December 2019, listed below.

The Christmas Quest (December 2019)
Baa Humbug (December 2018)
Boy in Darkness (March-April 2015)
The Butterfly Lovers (April 2014)
The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You (June-July 2012)
Noah’s Ark (November-December 2011)
The Book of Disquiet (June-July 2011)
The Cave (October-November 2010)
Drive Thru Nativity (December 2009)
The title of the drama about Ante is written here (September-October 2009)