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Created by Morphosis Theatre Company

Thursday 22 September 2022 - Saturday 24 September 2022

Two women. Two different countries, different backgrounds, different heritage, but one city - London.

Through a series of sensory, multimedia vignettes, theatrical collage Becoming explores cultural, political and religious differences and their impact on one’s journey of self-discovery in today’s world.

Created by European duo Morphosis Theatre Company (Weronika Maria and Andrea Van Eyck), Becoming began in 2020 as an experiment wherein the artists shot a one-minute video each day for a month. The concept evolved from video poetry expression into a theatrical essay, which takes the form of an ever-changing collage freely blending art forms.


About Morphosis Theatre Company

Morphosis was founded in 2022 by Weronika Maria and Andrea Van Eyck. Weronika graduated from the BA in Acting (CDT) at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and Andrea from the BA Acting and Performing Arts at the TAI – Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

Throughout their journey, Morphosis were supported by Migrants in Theatre and NDT Broadgate / New Diorama Theatre.
In May 2021 Becoming was part of Shift+Space program at Theatre Deli.
In Spring 2023, Morphosis will be coming back to Shift+Space, premiering Part Two of Becoming.
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Written and directed by
Andrea van Eyck and Weronika Maria
Performed by
Weronika Maria, Andrea van Eyck and Natalia Laguens
Music & Sound design
Natalia Laguens
Stage Design
Floralberto (Alberto Pasarín)
Lighting Design
Aleks Jasieniecka
Hair and makeup
Angela Jean Baker
Costume design
Andrea van Eyck and Weronika Maria
x.terr (Alba Ester)

Supported by

  • NDT Broadgate
  • Migrants in Theatre
  • Theatre Deli