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Attempts On Her Life

by Martin Crimp
presented by Eight Square Theatre

Tuesday 21 March 2023 - Wednesday 22 March 2023

Anne has lived a hundred lives.
She is a movie star, a refugee, a femme fatale, the girl next door, she is nothing and everything all at once.

Attempts on Her Life is a story of womanhood, the beauty of it and the threats to it. We see Anne through the various versions of her existence; a Hollywood actress, refugee, porn star, religious figure, the girl next door. All the things that Anne can be, under the thumb of impossible expectations. We follow her through the highlights and heartbreaks of her life, with the greatest tragedy of all being that Anne is in every one of us. The play consists of 17 scenarios where a range of nameless characters attempt to define who Anne really is.

About Eight Square Theatre

Eight Square Theatre was established at the end of 2021, first creating a Christmas-themed TIE piece which toured in primary schools, sharing the importance of looking after our environment. They are a group of 8 actors who are currently training at the Miskin Theatre and are looking to create a variety of work.

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Content warnings: flashing lights, explicit language, sexual content

Written by
Martin Crimp
Directed by
Claire Portelli
Performed by
Zac Eccleston, Matt Sanders, Layla Bo Giles, Isobel Graham, Stevie Wareham, Chloe Omelia, Grace Filmer and Mia Kennerson