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Arrogant Soft

Written by Alphonso Brown

Thursday 20 October 2022 - Saturday 22 October 2022

Sometimes, your partner says something and you let it slide. Not this time.

Date night has finished, John, Lola and their friends have talked relentlessly, drunk merrily and sung appallingly, well into the early hours of the morning. But after a Freudian slip, it becomes clear that there is more to discuss.

How much individualism is too much in a relationship? Are there some things that you keep from your partner? Do they have a right to know about all your decisions?

Written by Alphonso Brown, Arrogant Soft is a compelling new piece that looks into the joy, despondency and complexities that only a relationship can bring out.

Arrogant Soft is a work-in-progress presented as part Blue Elephant's Autumn residencies.

About the writer

Alphonso Brown is an actor, writer, model and workshop facilitator, proudly hailing from Croydon. After completing his University degree at the Plymouth Conservatoire, he returned to London where he has gone from strength to strength in each of his creative disciplines from touring as the lead role in Shakespeare's 'Othello', leading Drama workshops across the U.K. , modelling with Nike... writing is just the latest string to his ever-growing bow.