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Windson High


Tuesday 11 June - Wednesday 12 June

Step into the world of Windson High, a captivating new musical that beautifully explores the themes of coming of age and finding your identity. Following the heartfelt story of Lin, a 16-year-old American-born Chinese girl, who visits China for the first time after her parents' divorce. As the chaos of COVID-19 encompasses the world, Lin and her mother are stranded and decide to make Beijing their new home, where Lin is enrolled at the prestigious international school, Windson High.

Experience Lin's inspiring journey as she navigates this new environment, meets people from all walks of life, and embarks on a profound quest of self-discovery. Against the backdrop of a world turned upside down, Lin confronts challenges that test her resilience and reshape her understanding of identity and belonging.

As she finds her footing in a new country and culture, Lin's story is a poignant reminder of the strength and spirit that can emerge in the face of adversity. Windson High is an uplifting tale that will resonate with anyone who has ever searched for their place in the world.

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Book, Lyrics & Music by
Anna Iwazawa
Composed by
Libby Yuanqian Lyu
Produced by
Dina Nan & Angela Jiang
Irene Ou
Sanli Wang
Sound Technician
Dina Nan
Production Design by
Joyce Lee
Qianhan Hong, Sophie Pugeat, Tzu-Tsing Liao, Chuan-An Kuo, Paulina Colin Vargas, Theo Thacker, Rui Yuan Rui He & Anna Iwazawa, with piano accompaniment by Konstantin Vinnikov