Blue Elephant Theatre is to Become a NPO

We are delighted to have had very good news recently!

Blue Elephant Theatre was amongst just five new theatre organisations in London to be added to Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations on June 27th. This will offer stability the organisation has never had before and allow us to continue our work offering creative opportunities as widely as possible.

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Charity number: 1077161

Company number: 3724349

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Support Us

Why Support the Blue Elephant Theatre?

'Living proof that a theatre space in a far from affluent financial position need not compromise on the quality of the work it produces.' -

The Blue Elephant Theatre is a registered charity (RCN: 1077161) based in Camberwell, South London. BET is a vibrant arts venue nurturing new and emerging artists across the performing arts. It also delivers an innovative participation programme which works with people of all ages and backgrounds across the local community.

'Thinking big for a little venue.' - Time Out

As with all charities, the current climate is very difficult to survive in. BET is no different. It relies on funding and support from Trusts & Foundations and generous individuals who donate both time and money.

'A prime and welcoming destination of imaginative theatre and performance.' - Fringe Report

In order to help secure BET's future and the important work that it does both in the community and in developing theatre artists, we need YOUR help. There are a number of ways you can support our work from making a donation, volunteering or leaving a gift in your will – the possibilities are endless.

'The wonderful Blue Elephant Theatre...' - Joanna Lumley

It really doesn't cost a lot to make a difference to the people we work with either:

    £5 can pay for refreshments for vulnerable participants on arts projects
    £10 can pay for a one day's volunteer expenses
    £25 can pay for a child in challenging circumstances to participate in a creative workshop
    £60 can pay for an after-school activity session for young people to attend for free
    £120 can provide a Creative Arts Leader to run a day of activity at a School
    £250 can pay for two whole performances of Speak Out! in a Secondary school

'Camberwell's coolest venue' - The Guardian

To start playing your part in making a difference to the work of the Blue Elephant, call the Theatre on 020 7701 0100 or visit today!

'BET has so much excellent work going on' - The Stage

An Elephant Never Forgets

Leave a Lasting Legacy and help fund our future by remembering the Blue Elephant in Your Will

Since we first opened our doors in 1999 the Blue Elephant Theatre has gone on to become a success story and an important part of South London's cultural landscape. If the Blue Elephant Theatre and what it represents are important to you, please consider supporting us in your will.

The Blue Elephant Theatre’s imagination is limitless – our resources are not. Your legacy gift could help, for example, to protect and nurture our performance space where new work is created and emerging artists are developed.. Or it could encourage and inspire creativity among young people across the borough through our Education department. It is only with the support of people like you that we can continue to present eclectic mix of new and classic performances.

How to include the Blue Elephant Theatre in your will

You can include the Blue Elephant in your will by directing your gift to the Blue Elephant Theatre registered charity number 1077161.

Making a will to include the Blue Elephant Theatre need not be complicated or expensive. If you would like more detailed information on how you can do this, you should seek your own professional advice. You may also find the guide produced by the Law Society helpful.

If you do not have internet access just contact us on 020 7701 0100 and we will be happy to send you a copy.

We also understand that you may have further questions or requests. You can contact us by telephone, by email or letter as per the details on the back of this brochure. Additionally, we would be delighted to meet you here at the Blue Elephant. However, this booklet is not intended to constitute legal advice and, when making your will, you should do so in consultation with your independent professional adviser.

Leaving a gift for general purposes

If you choose to leave a gift for the Blue Elephant general purposes the Blue Elephnat will use your gift where it is needed most. If you want to make a straightforward gift of a fixed amount, set out below is suggested wording your professional adviser can use:

'I give to the Blue Elephant Theatre of 59a Bethwin Rd, Camberwell, London SE5 0XT, Registered Charity Number 1077161, to be applied for the general purposes of the Blue Elephant Theatre the sum of (amount in figures, amount in words) and I direct that the receipt of a proper officer for the time being of the Blue Elephant Theatre shall be a complete discharge to my Executors.'

Many people choose not to leave a stated sum of money to charity, but rather to leave a share of the residue of their estate. In this case, your professional adviser may find the following wording helpful:

'I give all/a share of (please state fraction/percentage) the residue of my estate absolutely to the Blue Elephant Theatre of 59a Bethwin Rd, Camberwell, London SE5 0XT, Registered Charity Number 1077161, to be applied for the general purposes of the Blue Elephant Theatre and I direct that the receipt of a proper officer for the time being of the Blue Elephant Theatre shall be a complete discharge to my Executors."

Leaving a gift for a specific aspect of work

One of the easiest ways to let us know how you would like the Blue Elephant Theatre to apply a gift in your will is to include a letter with your will expressing your wishes. However, even if you are considering a donation for a specific area, it would be helpful if the clause in your will allows the Blue Elephant Theatre to use your donation 'for the general purposes of the Blue Elephant Theatre' in the event that the specific need no longer exists at the time we receive your gift.

As long as your wishes are clear, the Blue Elephant Theatre will support them provided they are possible. This is why we suggest that you speak to us before finalising your will with the assistance of your professional adviser.

The tax implications of making a donation in your will

As the Blue Elephant Theatre is a registered charity, no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your gift, since charities are exempt from paying this tax. Thus, it is worth bearing in mind that you can choose either to pay the tax to the Inland Revenue or to a charity whose work you support. You should consult a professional adviser for clear advice on this issue.

There are also tax implications in leaving the residue of your estate between charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries. Again, your professional adviser will be able to assist you with this.