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The Story of Little Snow


Friday 8 January 2021 - Friday 15 January 2021

A Blue Elephant Christmas Show with a difference!

Pixies are never seen, but are always busy making the seasons change around us – they make the leaves turn brown and crispy, paint the patterns onto butterfly wings and fill fields with colourful flowers.

Little Snow is the pixie who plants snowdrops, but she thinks her job is rubbish. Nobody seems to understand her and she feels like she’s unimportant, so one night she runs off to have her own adventure.

A “documentary” about discovering self-worth and self-acceptance, with more than a pinch of pixie dust and a cast of colourful characters make this a festive treat for the family. Anyone who would normally come to watch a Christmas show at the Blue Elephant, or perform in their own, may spot some familiar sights and faces....

The Story of Little Snow is a mini-adventure on film, which is free to watch online.

Written and Directed by
Jo Sadler-Lovett
Performed by
Lilian Tsang
Filmed and edited by
Kome Ovuworie