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Out Of The Blue

Presented by South Bank Collective

Wednesday 7 September 2022 - Saturday 10 September 2022

OUT OF THE BLUE is a festival of new work of all genres and styles.
Prepared to be taken on a journey of quirky, poignant, odd, and bitingly relevant performances at Blue Elephant Theatre!

This festival is generously supported by London South Bank University’s School of Creative Arts and Industries and produced by the South Bank Collective and Martha Fillery.

Book any 2 shows for £15!


Wednesday 7 September, 7pm – Britney’s Peers

Thursday 8 September, 7pm – The Sisyphus complex

Friday 9 September, 7pm – Britney’s Peers
Friday 9 September, 8:30pm – The Sordid Circus

Saturday 10 September, 7pm – The Sordid Circus
Saturday 10 September, 8:30pm – The Sisyphus Complex


By Ding for Disco
Wed 7 Sept, 7pm and Fri 9 Sept, 7pm

The ultimate IBSEN X SPEARS collab

Ding for Disco revives A Doll’s House with a noughties teen movie makeover. Britney’s Peers probes the global conservatorship that is female presenting existence. Watch as the Pavlov Dolls exist under the watchful eye of…everyone?
Prepare to laugh and gasp at 40 minutes of music, dance and silliness, all encapsulating Ding for Disco’s signature personal and honest storytelling. This show probably isn’t for your Nan, but we bet she’ll know EXACTLY what we’re talking about.

Content warnings: Sexual imagery, Body image and disordered eating discourse, Profanity, Adult themes, Flashing Lights, Loud noises


By PipeItUp Theatre Company
Thu 8 Sept, 7pm and Sat 10 Sept, 8:30pm

How do we fit in to this strange and ever-shifting world?

We have found resonances between the myth of Sisyphus and our desire to explore the decaying effect of time and struggles to live in the present moment. Sisyphus, as a punishment from the gods, is tasked to push a mighty boulder to the top of a hill, but every time he approaches the summit, the boulder rolls back down to the bottom. We are exploring the space between narrative and improvisation, drawing on the philosophy of Albert Camus, the Japanese dance of Butoh, the poetry of T.S Eliot, the teachings of Anne Bogart and the aesthetics of Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes.

Content warnings: Profane language, mild violence, potential childbirth


By Sage Fool Theatre
Fri 9 Sept, 8:30pm and Sat 10 Sept, 7pm

Roll up, roll up. The circus is in town.

It's the summer of 1896 and you are invited backstage to E.M Wallace's Sordid Circus to gain an insight into the private lives of these hardworking performers. Marvel at the exploitation of female circus entertainers in the Victorian era and gasp at their sacrifice to keep you entertained. As this spectacular show draws you further into their world ask yourself, is it all really worth it?

Content warnings: Implied sexual abuse, Profanity, Loud noises, Flashing lights, Adult themes