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Celebrating Black Voices


Thursday 1 October 2020 - Thursday 19 November 2020

Five short monologues have been written specially for Blue Elephant Theatre for Black History Month 2020. These monologues by Sandra Brown Springer, Elizabeth Adejimi, Angela Mhlanga, Saana Sze, Olu Alakija are inspired by Black people of past and present and intended to introduce young people to heroes they may not have heard of previously.

The monologues focus on Mary Prince, the first woman to have her account of slavery published in Britain, Mary Seacole, who nursed men on the battlefield of the Crimea, Madam CJ Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in America, Claudia Jones, activist and a founder of Notting Hill Carnival, and legendary tennis player Serena Williams.

The monologues are being recorded as rehearsed readings by Sharla Smith, Romy Foster and Amelia Parillon. They are available to view here or click on the links below for the individual recordings.

Mary Seacole by Sandra Brown Springer
Claudia Jones by Saana Sze
Mary Prince by Olu Alakija
Serena Williams by Angela Mhlanga
Madam CJ Walker by Elizabeth Adejimi

Audio only versions:
Claudia Jones (Audio Version) by Saana Sze
Mary Prince (Audio Version) by Olu Alakija
Madam CJ Walker (Audio Version) by Elizabeth Adejimi

This work is funded by Southwark’s Black History Month Fund, with further support from Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund.

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