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Created by Noa Genazzano

Friday 4 November 2022 - Saturday 5 November 2022

2023 is a response to the climate crisis and the growing need for change in the world we’re living in.

A change of awareness in how we relate to our earth is needed urgently. Although we are facing unprecedented challenges as a collective with our planet, there is still time to shift the direction.

With original music by world-renowned composers, James Keane (Hofesh Shechter, Theo Clinkard, Joss Arnott) and Joe Scott (Lauryn Hill, Peter Gabriel, Blackstreet), 2023 takes the audience on a sensory adventure inviting us to reflect on our own relationship to the earth and allowing us a glimpse into the world we can create when we reconnect with our planet.


About Noa Genazzano / Universe In Motion

Born in Barcelona, Noa Genazzano was raised in NYC. She graduated from The Ailey School where she performed alongside Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. After relocating to London she worked with esteemed choreographers Maxine Doyle, Vinicius Salles, and Humanhood, among others.
In 2018 she founded Universe in Motion to inspire personal and global shifts in awareness through movement, meditation, and performance art. Her work, U Are The Universe, premiered at Triskelion Arts in NYC.

Follow Noa on Instagram: @universeinmotion
Check out Noa's website:


“Noa Genazzano’s performance and choreography is undeniably exciting. She, and the dancers, impressed us all with interesting, engaging, at times playful, and always mature, dance... She is a fresh, young talent and her art ought to be fostered”

Britton Fisher, Board Member The Joyce Theatre, New York City

"Noa’s artistic voice and vision is something special because of her fearless yet gentle movement to describe the most intimate and overwhelming story: Self-Realization. Her motivation to be a way-shower of her generation is outstanding. From the mundane illusion of what life appears to be, Noa takes you on a ride of self discovery to the beautiful moment where you realize you are a part of everything.”

Danica Paulos, Company Member Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Choreographer & Dancer
Noa Genazzano
James Keane & Joe Scott