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Talking Prune with Serena Flynn

Date published
Monday 12 February 2018

We caught up with Serena Flynn ahead of her latest work in progress showing, Prune in Progress.

1) What’s your favourite thing about your show?
This creature I've created (Prune) doesn't follow social rules and norms, so she's permitted to do and say things that I (as Serena) would never have the guts to. She's the product of a break up, so she's shriveled and bitter but also brave and fearless. She luxuriates in the drama and pain of heartbreak in a way that I never would have allowed myself to do.

2) What’s the best thing about Meadow’s show?
Meadow is pure pink, fluffy joy - she's an all-singing, all-dancing entertainer.

3) Who should come see your show?
Anyone who's ever had their heart broken.

4) The important question: cats or dogs?!
Dogs. Obviously. No comparison.

5) If you could describe your show in one sentence, what would it be?
Anarchic, grotesque and a bit nuts.

Split Bill: Meadow by Meadow and Serena Flynn: Prune in Progress shows on 22nd and 23rd February. More information and book tickets here: