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Show Call-Out

Date published
Wednesday 12 January 2022

We have had to postpone our in-house show and now have space for performances between Feb 8th and mid/late March. Please get in touch with us at if you would like to discuss having a show at BET very soon!

More details:

We work on a 50/50 box office split basis, in our black box venue with a newly installed ventilation system. The performance area is 7.65m x 5.5m. We are licensed to seat 50 but currently aim to cap capacity to around 40 to allow for greater distance - and thus confidence and comfort in attending - between audience members. We have small subsidies available to help offset the impact of reducing capacity.

We cannot programme any shows on a Monday evening or Saturday afternoon (except during half-term).

We seek to programme emerging and independent artists creating and presenting new work. We don't programme new productions of established scripts or shows that have been on in London before, unless they have substantially developed since they were last on.

We are open to stand-up comedy, physical theatre, dance, new writing and are especially interested in work which may resonate with our local communities in Camberwell.

Ideally a submission should include details of the proposed show, who will be involved, what dates are possible and a link to past work.