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Playing Up!


Tuesday 7 September 2021 - Saturday 11 September 2021

Come and discover new ways to play together, and activities you and your child can take away for even more fun at home!

There are three different workshops with a choice of times to join them: 9.00am - 10.00am, 10.15am - 11.30am & 3.30pm - 4.45pm.

Workshop 1 - Hide and Speak (7th September)
This workshop encourages both adults and children to act, sing and dance whilst going on a journey together through a forest. Children will be learning about their bodies and discovering their voices with their favourite teacher... you!

Workshop 2 - Feelings Friend (10th September)
A workshop encouraging children and adults to think about emotions and how they are expressed.

Workshop 3 - Listen and Dance (11th September)
This workshop encourages both adults and children to use music and sound to inspire actions and movements.

One of the facilitators is a Spanish-speaker and will provide translations if needed. For ages 18 months - 3 years.

These workshops will take place at St Matthew's Church, Meadow Row, SE1 6RG.

Playing Up! is supported by Elephant & Castle Community Fund and is specially intended for people living near Elephant & Castle.

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