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Elephantology Monologue Showcase Night


Friday 26 November 2021

Elephantology is Blue Elephant Theatre’s Festival for recent graduates and those who are just entering the performing arts industry.

We're hosting two evenings on Thursday 11th and Friday 26th November showcasing monologues that were created during training that didn't get to be performed because of the lockdown, or which have a life beyond their final performance.

On November 26th, Alex Alderton, Edward Wheatley, Jonny Brace, Valia Katsi, Claudia Jones, Mark Yeates, Georgina Tack, Chelsea Bondzanga, Charlotte Steward & Antonia White will all be performing.

Expect a variety of performances from exciting new performers and writers entering the performing arts industry. Tickets are Pay What You Can. Capacity is limited so book early!

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