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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

Trick Boxing

by Sossy Productions

Wednesday 5 May 2004 - Saturday 22 May 2004

The tale of Danny David, a lowly apple-seller, who is bamboozled into becoming a boxer by a low-level hustler, and ends up dancing his way through the championship with the help of Bella, a dame with a few moves of her own.

Brian Sostek & Megan McClellan


by Cristina Teixeira

Wednesday 12 November 2003 - Saturday 29 November 2003

First there was reality TV. Now there's reality theatre. The question is, what is reality? When your appointment comes through for group therapy, you’re bound to feel a bit awkward at first. But at the friendly Acorn Therapy Group you'll meet Doctor Ralf & a whole host of fascinating characters. However, this proves to be no ordinary group therapy as events reach a nail-biting climax. But Doctor Ralf has got the situation well in hand … or has he?

Directed by
Cristina Teixeira
Dramaturgy and Script Edition by
Tess Berry-Hart
Maurice Gleeson, Maite Von Melle, Elliott James-Fisher, Francesca Wilde, Nick Danan, Antonio Ribeiro, Madelaine Moore & Yasmina Chirazi


"A brisk, loud and lively production, peppered with amusing gobbets of psychobabble"


by Antonio Ribeiro

Time Out

Monday 7 July 2003 - Saturday 26 July 2003
Supported by
The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

"Think before you go. It’s called forward planning"

Homespun philosopher and toilet-attendant Ted creates his own world of law and order within the murky walls of a subterranean public convenience away from the corrupt world outside. With the help of his devoted disciple Rob, Ted sets out on his mission to bring justice to the world. When a clown and an evangelical preacher wander into Ted’s domain they are forced to confront the ultimate consequences of their actions.

Centred around the themes of religion and justice, W.C. is a piece of theatre of great relevance today, as conflicts flare in the modern world, in the quest for territorial and religious supremacy, but above all about man’s desire to control others.

Written and Directed by
Antonio Ribeiro
Dramaturgy by
Cristina Teixeira & Tess Berry-Hart
Set Design by
Kate Bannister, Karl Swinyard & Maira Vazeou
Music & Sound by
Daniel Biro
Lighting by
Andrew Earle
Costumes by
Lu Firth
Phillip Goodchild, Matt Ian Kelly, Cedric Duncan & Anthony Atttah


"Well paced, with a nice hint of black absurdism, undoubtedly great fun."

Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

"These are the shadows of things that have been"

Wednesday 4 December 2002 - Saturday 14 December 2002

A physical theatre production set in the thirties, bringing to life an bygone era through music, dance and physical theatre.

Adapted & directed by
Antonio Ribeiro & Fleur Darkin
Set by
Ali Bell
Music by
Daniel Biro
Costumes by
Amalia de Barros
Lighting by
Andrew Earle
Neil Paris, Emma Buter, Antonio Ribeiro & Wendy Windle

Born African

by Over The Edge [Zimbabwe]

Time Out Critics' Choice

Tuesday 24 September 2002 - Saturday 12 October 2002

Three faces of modern Zimbabwe, a place as human as it is magical: a white lawyer, a coloured youth, a black servant. Over The Edge was founded in November 1994 on the occasion of the Avondale Summer Arts Festival in Harare. The most unique feature of the ensemble was not just their talent and enthusiasm but also their racial make up. At a time when multiculturalism was still an insipid cosmetic social convention, Over The Edge became known for breaking social and theatrical rules.

Craig Peter, Wiina Msamati & Adam Neill